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  • Azarius
    started a topic CCM 500 Intermediate Gear - problems

    CCM 500 Intermediate Gear - problems

    Hey folks!

    Anyone had any issues with the durability of this line of gear?

    The catcher is a year old... The chest protector 4 months, and the goalie pads he got for Christmas but didn't wear them until January...

    I've emailed CCM/Reebok to inquire,...
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  • Canuck17
    started a topic Need Advice - Upgrading Equipment

    Need Advice - Upgrading Equipment

    Hey everybody,

    I'm looking to upgrade my Reebok Revoke 7000 pads, catcher and blocker.

    I was all set and ready to buy the CCM Extreme Flex 500 set, but Cyclone Taylor, The Hockey Shop and even CCM have no inventory left in my size (33").
    I was looking at GoalieMonkey,...
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