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  • darkLeo
    started a topic Warrior Ritual G3 pads review

    Warrior Ritual G3 pads review

    Hi, I thought I'd give some feedback after my first day on the ice with the Warrior Ritual G3 since they're still sort of uncommon, and they're a really unique pad. I looked for a lot of information online before buying them but I think none of it totally prepared me for the experience.

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  • CCM Premier 1.5 Pads - What's the general opinion? Anyone tried em?

    Hey guys, thinking of getting those pads and after checking the review section i found nothing.
    Did anyone try them? Whats the word on them? All i found is some site reviews.
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  • amppari
    started a topic Possible pads project

    Possible pads project

    I'm new in here. I have been played as goalie in juniors until i went to army, and then again in this fall, after 15 years not playing. I found my old EQ from dad's house and used them for awhile now.
    My pads are 30" (LOL) Koho Revolution (those like Potvin had, made in Finland)....
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