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Anyone wear slide plates?

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  • I just finished a set of slide plates for a new-to-me set of Rebook 7000 pads.

    Goalie Pads_001.jpg

    This is my second time making plates and I made a few improvements that might be of interest.

    For my first set I sewed on a medial roll and laced in the plates. This worked fairly well but I found the laces quickly wore down and broke, especially when playing on rough asphalt, since they came into contact with the playing surface. It also took a some time and effort to lace the plates into the medial roll, which was a pain since I play both roller and ice and need to install/remove the plates fairly often.

    On my second set I decided to wrap the plates around the front of the pad to keep the lacing away from the rough playing surface. Instead of sewing a medial roll down the face of my pad, I installed a series of loops next to the existing leg channel lacing (I thought about using the existing lacing, as a previous poster had done, but figured new loops dedicated to the slide plates would last longer). I used a 5" needle to thread a double strand of thin camping accessory cord through the existing holes in the face of the pad.

    Goalie Pads_002.jpg Goalie Pads_003.jpg

    I then attached the plates to these loops with some cheap velcro straps.

    Goalie Pads_004.jpg Goalie Pads_005.jpg

    Threading the cord through the existing holes in the pad was fairly easy (with the proper needle) and much faster than sewing on a medial roll. The velcro straps allow me to install/remove the plates very quickly, and so far they have held up much better than the lacing on my previous set since they are never in contact with the playing surface. I'm happy with how the plates came out and I'm hopeful they'll require less maintenance and be easier to use than my first set.


    • My latest set of asphalt resistant plates for my buddy. These are Vaughn V4 pads.

      Materials and methods are all the same as my earlier posts.

      Quick tip - I have found that for the laces on the bottom of the feet - zip ties work really well and are easy to replace if you snap one for some reason.

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      • Apologies for resurrecting an old(ish) thread. Still using my slide plates 3 and a half years on but moving to new pads and have decided to take the hit on a pair of Rollerflys. Just wondering if this is what the rest of you guys have done or are people still making their own slide plates?


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          I make my own, i play both Sport court and concrete.

      • Debating this as well. Rbk 6k slide plates have held up for years. I have my 1st new set since 2008 arriving tomorrow and I'm not sure if I wanna rollerfly or plate them.


        • Don't apologize for bumping old threads. You did your due diligence and searched for the correct thread instead of being lazy and starting a new one. Props to you.


          • I still making my own because i play on concrete every week. So dont want to be switching between RF and slide plates, i keep my plates.


            • Well I'm converted!
              Maybe my slide plates weren't that well made to begin with or more likely the effect had worn off to the point where once I got used to the RollerFlys, I don't think I can go back to slide plates. Kinda sucks because the pads with the plates on are by far my favourite pad to wear (TPS Summit 7 Pros) but they're also pretty beat up now.

              For the record, I put the RFs on a "well broken in" pair of Vaughn V3 7500s (i think) - they were pretty cheap but weigh a tonne compared to the Summits. So I'm not entirely happy with either pad right now for different reasons. Have a brand new pair of Brians Zero G gloves so gonna try and track down somewhat matching pads (white with gold & green) to transfer the RollerFlys to.


              • You might be able to talk to someone like PAW or Monster on here and have them refurb your Summits and get a few more years out of them.


                • Here are mine, thnx for your ideas.


                  • gonna try and make a 1 piece plastic cover by heating this to fit for Sportcourt 7 DEK ball hockey



                    • ABS is too brittle and will break.