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Toe ties catching my front wheel on my new pads

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  • Toe ties catching my front wheel on my new pads

    I just got a set of Bauer Supreme 1.9's to replace my Mission Commander's and I really like them, but my toe ties like to catch my front wheel and put on the brakes. Any suggestions?

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    Do you use the toe bridge?


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      Here is what I have.


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        Get rid of the toe bridge. Lace them directly through the holes in the boot. I'll look for some pictures I posted from when I used to play roller.


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          Here's my skates, nothing special...Old Bauer Reactors with Labeda Predator chassis and 59mm Rinkrat Crossbar wheels

          the 3 knots i use

          view from the front

          laces ran the same way i would do it for ice. zero interference with wheels.


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            Of course the one picture you probably wanna see the most isn't working for some reason. Dammit, sorry about that.
            Anyways, Here is what you wanna do.

            Remove your toe bridge and feed the toe ties straight through the holes in the boot of the pads there the bridges were attached to. I tied knots in the laces on the underside of each hole so the laces stay in place. I then tied another knot leaving roughly an inch of slack. From there I lace the toe ties the same as I did with ice skates. No need for going through eyelets or any other weird modifications to the skates.


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              Thanks I'll try it.


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                Good luck!