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Baking Mission FL1 skates

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  • Baking Mission FL1 skates

    Not sure what everyone's experience is with these skates, but in my experience it has to be one of the stiffest boots outside of the ankle. I find it very difficult to get the boot to form adequately around my foot. As I indicated, once it gets to the ankle area things get more pliable, so it's good there.

    Since this skate has a bunch of plastic vents etc, plus not knowing how durable the cowling is, I'm curious to find everyone's experience with baking these suckers to get them to form-fit a little better. All input is appreciated.

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    I believe I didn't bake mine. Just wore them in over time. Waxed laces and I didn't lace the bottom eyelets due to my toe tie setup. I came from the Tour Redlines, where my wheels didn't stick out from the cowling. The Missions setup does have the wheels protrude so if your feet are pointed at the floor on your knees, the wheels may catch if your not used to it. Also, my foot is the perfect size where if I clip my toe nails, the big-toe nail catches the top vent the first week or two. I'm sure there's more I might think of.


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      I have some DSG1's, basically the same with the side vents. I baked them, then skated the next day for about half an hour. Game ready! After a few games, they did get even more comfortable. It has been about 5 weeks, 2X per week, and I see no signs of reduced durability. My previous skates were Mission Axioms, which I baked, and they lasted me 5 years.


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        I went ahead and did them, made a difference for sure. Thanks for the replies, although I'm not sure I needed to know about the toenails LOL