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Staying cool when playing indoor or outdoor

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  • Staying cool when playing indoor or outdoor

    So I just made a purchase that is probably one of the most remarkable and game changing I've ever made. I had been playing indoor inline in Indianapolis IN on a concrete ice rink which has not been used in years because of costs. Air ventilation is awful and the humidity is insane. I bought the bullet and purchased this product from Black Ice Cooling.

    Simply incredible. Now they are supposed to provide cooling for up to an hour or so but they way I was playing and overheating it did last a good 15 min period. Then I simply swamped out for a fresh one. At this price point you get 2 cooling packs so good for the first two periods I then swapped out for the second and placed my 1st period one back on ice for the third. I've never felt or played better and stayed amazingly cooler during play. Heat and humidity simply suck the life out of my performance. I can't say enough about the product.

    They also fit perfectly under my pads and helmet, no issues there whatsoever.

    Is it overpriced, hell yes, but does it work like a charm, without a doubt. I'm wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

    Happy to answer any questions or provide more pics