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Should there be a starting goalie in Pee Wee level?

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  • Should there be a starting goalie in Pee Wee level?

    Should there be a starting and backup goalie in an organization at pee wee level or should both kids have equal ice time? Do it matter at this level? I'm not sure if I should be mad that my son was not named starting goalie after being with the same organiztion (travel) for two seasons. I'm I wrong to expect him to get credit for standing on his head last season?

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    I dont think there should be 2 goalies on a team in peewee.

    I think you are wrong to assume your opinion of him last year should matter. What occurs during this season will either put him as a starter or equal time etc. So if your confident he can play better he will be the starter before long.

    I would tell my son thats awesome he isnt the starter, now he has something to prove.


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      I don't think there should be, being a backup at that level will hurt a kids development. Maybe your kid deserves to play more but the job of a minors hockey league should be to develop players equally and if they play a goalie as the starter, the league failed in doing what they should. Maybe you your kid is better now but the other kid may end up being way better in the future, if the other kid becomes a backup now, chances are, he will never get to his potential. If you shatter a kids confidence at that age, it will be tough to get it back.

      What I do think should happen is play a kid against tougher teams and the other goalie against weaker teams, but number of game wise, it should be the same or close to the same.


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        There shouldn`t be such a thing as `starting goalie`until kids reach 18.

        I hope any parent who faces this kind of decision only accepts it along with the stipulationg that their kid only need pay `back-up`fees.

        ie, nothing.

        Where the hell`s the teamwork if your only giving the work to one kid.

        Unfair, I say.


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          That is why I asked.I'm not sure at what age does the role of goalie change. Last season my son shared ice with another kid who quit the team in the middle of the season just because we were stuggling. No other gaolie came on for the rest of the season, my son played all the games. He loved it !!!!


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            I agree, at a young age there should be equal time across the board. I grew up playing baseball and in the pee wee/little league systems it was mandatory for kids to play at least half the game (3/6 or 7) innings. I would say in hockey, it should be mandatory to get kids equal games in a season, since time would be hard to split during a game.

            Once you get to highschool I would say all bets are off though. There's going to be starters and backups, and if the backups feel they are better they need to prove it and maybe even just work on playing in a rec/travel or some other system. At least as an American thats the way I see things for kids. (not sure how team sports leagues works elsewhere, I can only imagine it being similar, but maybe the rules are different)

            Maybe you need to get your son on another team that doesnt have goaltending, or into a league that promotes equal time.


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              Originally posted by Veenyc View Post
              Should there be a starting and backup goalie in an organization at pee wee level or should both kids have equal ice time? Do it matter at this level? I'm not sure if I should be mad that my son was not named starting goalie after being with the same organiztion (travel) for two seasons. I'm I wrong to expect him to get credit for standing on his head last season?
              no because my team last year had promised the other goalie to start every game. I had came to the team after their try-outs because i had just moved from la calif. and started playing every other game. so if ur son is backup again, just tell him/her to keep up the good work and try to bout the other goalie by proving the coach wrong in practice, or when they get put in the game. Good luck next season!


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                I believe there should be a starting goalie at the PW level only in AAA. House, Travel A or AA level goalies should split pretty evenly.

                The thing that gets me is how can a team designate a starting goalie when it's only June? A lot can happen over the summer!!!!


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                  defiantly not because it is not fair (for example) for a first or second year goalie to not be able to play and develop while a more experienced youth goalie to always play except for practices where goalies don't develop as many game skills that are useful for their later career.


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                    I agree totally with FLA Netminder and some of the others who have suggested that unless this is a AAA team, they should absolutely rotate games. That said, it's also completely acceptable/understandable to set up the rotation so that the stronger of the two goalies plays against the stronger teams and/or the important league games. That way both goalies play and it's also the most fair for the rest of the team. My son was a PW A goaltender this past season and while he happened to be the stronger of the two goalies (he was a second year and the other was a first year), the way we split the games ensured that the team was always as competitive as possible with both kids playing a role. Again, unless this is Tier 1 and everyone is pumping 8 or 9 grand into the season, then rotating until you get to the playoffs (when all bets are off the stronger should play those last couple of games) is, in my opinion, the right thing to do.


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                      My son will be playing his second AA PeeWee season. He rotated games last season (including playoffs) and the same will happen in the upcoming season. Between regular games, scrimmages and tournaments he played at least 40 games. That seemed like enough for an 11 year old kid. A PeeWee "starter" is nonsense and a good sign of anal-cranial inversion on someone's part


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                        In all honesty, unless it's AAA starter/backup is absurd. On my sons team this year we had 2 goalies, one was miles ahead of the other, we still split the game time 50/50, just the better goalie got the bulk of the tournament and play off time, the other goalie played most of the regular season and scrimmage stuff, this is only atom level but most ofhe team was all second year kids.


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                          Even in AAA the play time should be equal.
                          When you pay to play you get equal ice time.


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                            I totally disagree with above's post regarding AAA. AAA is all about winning. AAA separates the boys from the men even at the younger age groups. If you don't agree with the winning at all cost philosophy of AAA, then stay down in AA or A Travel or even a House League and wait for that Participation Medal that they give to everyone at the end of the season.

                            In AAA, I have never seen regular players get equal ice time so why is it different with goalies? The better goalie plays just like the other players. If one is inclined to spend $5,000+ a season on a AAA club and your kid is not getting equal ice time, then I suggest they save their money and play AA and use the extra cash to get private lessons to improve their skills.

                            So when does a goalie LEARN to sit the bench in favor of a better or hotter goaltender? I have seen many, many goalies who have been the only goalie on their team for years and then started playing at a higher and older age level with a two or even three goalie system. Most have fallen flat on their face because they cannot deal with sitting the bench in favor of a better goaltender. They have to learn sometime that it's a competitive sport and position.

                            My kid has played AAA since second year mite and has sat the bench many of times. He learned at a very young age that it's AAA and he is not ENTITLED to anything. If he wants to play, then he needs to practice harder and play better in games. It has made him a much better player and person. Again, this is what seperates a AAA players from the rest.


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                              To answer the original, the should not be a starter. Develop both kids.

                              As for AAA, personally...their goal should be to develop and place kids into JRs. Winning should be the byproduct of proper development. To expect a family to pay $10k plus and back up is silly to me. The are enough talented kids out there teams should be able to field two competitive goalies. There is a reason some AAA programs are heavily recruited from and others not so much...