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  • alcohol and hockey

    Hello, I don't drink often, by that i mean once every few months, sometimes two weekends in a row but never consecutive days, but when I do drink, I get really, really wasted. I drink hard liquor, not beer, and was wondering how this could affect my body? If its going to be a huge problem in my development as a goaltender i'll throw it out all together, otherwise, what problems can arise from the occasional, but heavy drinking episodes i've described? I know alcohol kills brain cells but I wasnt sure how negatively this could effect things like reaction times and overall intelligence. The brain of course is my main concern but if drinking liquor is going to make me fat, I don't want any part of it. Thanks a lot, anyone have any experiences to share? I mean about what it did to you, not what you did while under the influence

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    A fitnes guru at my local gym often says that if you practice hard for 1 week, and then drink hard 1 day, all the work you put in with your body during that week is wasted.

    Your body use so much energy to break down the alcohol so it takes a lot of energy that you normaly could have used in building up your body.

    But i wouldn´t worry to much if you get wasted like once in 3 months or so.

    A good advice though when it comes to alcohol and specially red wine is following;

    Some scientist in Europe have discoverd some substance in the grape that effects the brain so the body gets sleepy. This substance is also to be found in normal grape juice..


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      Well, I can tell you now, my sister is on a track and field scholarship in the US and one of the stable parts of her contract is "no drinking". Depending on how much she drinks, she can set back her training by days, even weeks. It does a number on the body.

      But that's alot of drinking. Having a few drinks here and there isn't so bad. But hard-core drinking really adds up, and it's bad for your body.

      If you're drinking once or twice every few months, it's no big deal. The habitual drinking is what's killer.


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        Alcohol and Hockey

        Best thread title ever.


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          Explains my setbacks in training!

          If that's the cause...the cure is not worth getting!


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            Bit off topic, but I had a great game recently after drinking two glasses of red wine immediately before playing. Plus I ate a bacon cheeseburger about 8 minutes before the game.


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              Like Henrik said, alcohol inhibits your body's ability to repair itself after a workout. You know, what with alcohol being a poision and whatnot. Now, I'm not sure if a few weekend drinks will totally roll back all the hard work you did in the previous fact, I'm pretty doubtful of that. But have anything more than a single drink after a hard workout day, and you can pretty much wave that day goodbye. I'd even be wary of having that single drink, especially within the three or four hours following your workout.

              Not to mention, alcohol is just empty calories and most of the benefits you always hear about beer / wine / etc. can be found in equivalent, non-alcoholic products that offer a lot more nutritional value (e.g the aformentioned grape juice).

              Myself? When I was working myself hard to lose weight, I abstained from any alcohol. Nowadays, I'm in somewhat of a maintenance mode. I'll have a single beer Friday nights when I get together with friends to go out and play pool. Maybe a rum-and-coke Sundays when I go out to the parents. That's pretty much it.

              Edit: Of course, a night of drinking a few times a year won't hurt much if you have the willpower to restrict yourself to a moderate amount of alcohol the rest of the year. A wedding here, a family reunion there, Christmas party...
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                That's pretty ballsy to eat and drink right before you play, D! I normally don't eat within 2 hours of playing.

                In regards to drinking, I'm no doctor, but I can say that binge drinking like are doing every so often is not good! It would be better for you to have a drink everyday instead of getting wasted 3 times a month. It's hard on your system when you do that. It's all about moderation.

                I'll let somebody else comment on how it's messing up your hockey and body specifically.


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                  See Ed Belfour.


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                    Actually, the concern here is not the frequency of the drinking. Obviously, drinking once every few months won't hurt anyone. The problem is the amount you drink when you do get drunk. Heavily drinking causes so many more problems with your body than just killing a few brain cells. Forget whether it will affect your goalie development, that is the least of your concerns when you binge drink. You are heavily poisoning yourself when this happens. Not to mention, you are severely impairing your judgement and dexterity, thereby increasing your risk of hurting yourself. You are much better off drinking a little once a weekend then a lot once a month. Thre have been countless studies that suggest a drink or two a day is actually good for your body. Plese do not make the mistake of rationalizing it by saying it only happens once in a while, so it's ok. Now, I'm not saying i don't go and get trashed. I probably do it every weekend, I just realize the consequences involved.

                    That being said, one of the best games at forward I ever played, I was completely wasted. No fear at all!!!!


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                      Drinking often and in controlled amounts even when getting drunk is far better for your body than binging a couple times a month or every other month.


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                        Originally posted by SirSavesAlot
                        Drinking often and in controlled amounts even when getting drunk is far better for your body than binging a couple times a month or every other month.
                        You had me at "Drinking often..."

                        This is music to my ears.


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                          oh exactly. its my mantra. however i digress and refer you to the story of the buffalo:

                          A herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and the weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular culling of the weakest members.

                          In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.

                          In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers.

                          Additionally it can be seen in the case study of Ken Daneyko that drinking clearly helps hockey.
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                            why do you have to get wasted every time you do drink, why can you not just have a few. I know you're 20 and that's the "thing to do" but you'll grow out of it... or you'll become like moto! (sorry) Maybe instead of getting hammered you can have a casual drink, and not get drunk....??? ha ha! Alcoholics drink to get drunk... wash away problems... drinking because you're a crappy goalie is not going to make that problem go away! lol! WHOO!


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                              Some good information here. I still will add my points.

                              Drinking to get drunk is a waste. It does not matter if it is once a month, three times a week, or three times a year. Binge drinking can do more harm that one might imagine.

                              There are studies that show a very moderate amount of wine or beer can be helpful in some ways. It helps to keep the blood pumping through the blood vessels easier. Men who drink beer tend to have less problems with kidney stones.

                              There are the calories that too can be cause for concern. Though like a favorite dessert, if you don't over indulge often and work hard after, you can keep the calories in check.

                              Alcohol can take control of your life very easily. You don't know it is happening often until it is to late. You seem to be at a point were not having any will not hinder what you want out of life. Why drink if it is only to get buzzed? Enjoy life and don't worry as alcohol qii be around when you find you have the time and maturity for it.