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Hyperextended shoulder

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  • Hyperextended shoulder

    I hyperextended my shoulder around thanks-giving and it hasn't been that same since. What can i do to get it feeling normal again?

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    See a doctor about it since you might have a torn or damaged muscle in the rotator cuff.

    Till then take about 2500-3000mgs of IBUPROFEN (not aspirin or acetominophen) a day (over 3-4 periods to prevent stomach upset) and totally lay off the shoulder.
    Ibuprofen has a antiinflammatory effect as opposed to just masking the pain. It has medicinal value in actually healing the injury rather than just covering the pain.

    I'm not a doctor though, so you might check with a pharmacist or doctor but I think they'll agree. The dosage I mentioned is just under what you'd get in a prescription (up to 4000mg/day)- which you'll certainly get anyway when you see your doctor.


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      See a doctor...and in addition to the ibuprofen for anti-inflammation as described by Bernie ice your shoulder in a neutral position for a 15 min. duration every 4-5 hours. Do not leave the ice on for any longer than 15 min. though, you could cause more irritation.
      If you really want to go whole hog you can alternate the ice treatment with some heating pads, heat first for 12-15 min followed by the ice for 15 min. Find a good orthopod and get it checked out... good luck to you.


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        anymore than 800mg of motrin at anyone time is no longer theraputic, it will eat your stomach usually the script for an adult is 800mg every 8 hrs/three time a day. Then again I was taking 2400mg ever 8.. So I probably have a ulcer somewhere.. 2400mg a day. Rest, Ice, Elevation.. if you have a sling or shoulder immoblizer use it.. Being that this injury is over a month be sure to consult your physician if your home treatment is not working...


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          There is only one true method of getting back to normal... time to heal. See your Dr., get a perscript if necessary, and lay off playing until you are 100%... not "ok I can play", not 95%, not 99%... but 100%.

          Your best chance of re-injury is during the healing process. And if you notice... professional goaltenders take extensive leaves to recover from an injury...


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            ...yeah Like Hasek?


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              Like I said Bernie....groins of iron. Now there is a video you could make some extra income with !
              BTW I will be giving my new knee the ultimate stress test this Saturday...finally got up enough nerve to go out and put the pads back on and try some pickup, like one of my old DI's used to say 'if a little pain is good fo r the soul then a lot of pain should be godd#@*ed outstanding!' I'll let you know if I still believe him after Saturday.


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                I'm surprised people have forgotten the RICE thing that was so popular a few years ago... It was like stop drop n' roll or something...


                Of course C and E are only for immediately after the injury, but it's an easy thing to remember anyway... And that hot-cold method that robbf mentioned works GREAT... Trust me, I've got a bad left ankle and a bad right wrist, I use it a lot.