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Your Own team Turning their backs on You.

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  • Your Own team Turning their backs on You.

    So where to start, back when the last time I posted I was debating on weather to go the OHL or not, it ended up being that I went up there and played unreal, the 1st scrimmage i let in 3 goals then i posted 6 straight shutouts and got offered to play in an exhibation game but turned it down becuase Pat Verbeek scouted me there and offered me to go play for his team in Sarnia. I went there and wasnt that all impressed so i decided to come home. I come home and the 1st weekend were in Silversticks Torny where me and my other goalie just SPLIT through and i had a rough weekend, but its alos becuase going from OHL back to AA is quite the change. Anyway so it figures that I had to miss practice on tuesday becuase of a JOB INTERVIEW and my team voted behidn my back that i should NOT start vs the Quakers(top team in the league) when I've led this team to so many national championship runs. And for 9 Years I've been the starter.

    It's like I feel like I'm getting disrespected and the coach dosent undersatnd where I'm coming from and I dont even know what to say anymore.

    Anyones advice can help

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    You missed practice. You left them first. Earn your spot back.


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      It might be time for a perspective check. You left the team to go elsewhere, when your two other choices didn't work out to rolled back like you should jsut be handed a job and then you missed practice. Call me crazy, but should the team be expected to continually be distrupted and distracted while you sort out your needs and goals? Starter or not, all-star or not, NOBODY is above the team. End of story.



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        So you pulled the 'chute on two OHL camps, when you seem to have been playing well? Even if you don't make the cut, they'll likely reassign you to a Junior A or Midget AAA team, and you'll stay in the system. I did that for a year in Swift Current, and had a blast. I really don't quite understand what you were thinking.

        Oh well, maybe top tier hockey isn't for everyone.


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          Your team has lost confidence in you and probably feel more confident in the other keeper.

          You did what was best for you and that is fine. If I had certain opportunities I would too, but at the same time I wouldn't turn down the opportunity when I played well enough to earn that spot. Then choosing to play Junior B and leaving because of whatever reason isn't that great of a move either. So after all that you have three strikes and are basically out of luck. You will likely never get an invite to the O again, or Junior B for that matter and now your old team feels they prefer the other guy.

          My advice to you is if you have a chip on your shoulder, are talking about what you could be doing or where you could be, or talking down to your teammates the first step is to park it, work your *** off in practice, support your team, and when you play play phenominally and you will work your way up from the bottom rung.

          Lord of the Cage


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            Originally posted by Gators76
            You missed practice. You left them first. Earn your spot back.
            Couldnt be said better

            I think this thread should be closed and deleted because this guy has no case here whatsoever and i have no sympathy for him at all

            Although if it was a family situation it would be completely different but it isnt so suck it up
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              I dont get why you would turn down 2 OHL teams to play AA. If your good enough to get looked at by OHL teams then what are you doing playing AA? Something sounds a little fishy if you ask me.


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                I don't think you are going to find any sympathy from the community on this board. You are not the victim, but you are the problem. You originally left your team for an OHL tryout, then left the original OHL team for another. After that you decided you didn't like the OHL team and went back to your original, which you left for a job interview. Then you get upset because your team wants to use the other goalie as a starter?

                I agree with the Canadian Beast, it's time for a reality check.


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                  No sympathies here either. You will have to earn back your team's respect. And that will come, not only by your play in net, but also how you conduct yourself in the dressing room and outside the arena.

                  What you did was just like telling your girlfriend that you were leaving here for a younger, prettier model. Now your back saying; "You'll do". You wouldn't expect her to greet you with open arms, would you?


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                    I would focus on your training and what you can control!

                    I know you guys don't want to cut the kid some slack but we don't know the entire situation and are only getting one opinion's source.

                    I will not make any negative comments because I don't know the entire story.

                    I totally understand the job interview thing. You've got to make some money and have other real world responsibilities. You can't play hockey forever and even if you were in the OHL there's no guarentee of any career from it.

                    In this light, I wouldn't say your team turned their backs on you yet. It's one game against the best obviously means more to you...this is good.

                    I wouldn't voice your opinion to team-mates or even coaches, I'd use your passion to feul your training and practice habits. Every time you go out there, remember how bad you want it and be pro-active in doing so.

                    If you got asked to play Jr. B and to try-out in the OHL you must be a decent tender, the ability is present. Re-focus your negative energy into positive energy.


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                      Just to second jf-laflaire's sentiments, realize that your team did take you back. They could have just as easily voted you off the team completely. There is still some love and loyalty there-- at least enough to warrant you a spot on the team, even if it isn't in net against the best team.


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                        If I had a shot in the OHL I would have ridden that train until they through me off. But hey, that's just me.


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                          Sounds to me like Daddy and son think that he's Patrick Roy. I've coached long enough and been around the game long enough to know when someone is getting terrible advice.

                          First of all, no one in there right mind at least in this country turns down not one but two OHL Major Junior opportunities to play AA hockey.

                          Second, sounds like you think you're gods gift to the position and are in dire need of a reality check, looks like you got one.

                          Third, like others have said, you left your team first, not the other way around.

                          Fourth. Now that I am done being negative here's something positive. Turn around you perceived slight and work you *** off to gain the respect of your peers back. If you are truely as good as you say/think then in the end you will still be the man and be better off by gaining this experience.

                          You are definately not the victim here.
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                            Hi Lacrosse',
                            Is there a mention of dad? If so I missed it. Because my thoughts were where are his parents in this mix? Is he asking us for advice as "second opinions" or are his parents not helping?


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                              I personally know the person that started this thread, and to clarify some things he didnt say he turned down two opprotunities play OHL hockey. Verbeeks team is a Junior team I think. Also, did you ever think that maybe he just would rather go to college to play hockey? Also, maybe he would've rather played at a very high level at home (there is one good AAA team around here-the rest I'd bet that this goalies team would beat.) than be playing hundreds of miles away in a foreign country away from his friends and family, even though the college scouts already have seen him at tryouts, and have his name and know where to see him play.