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Black vs White goalie mask

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  • Black vs White goalie mask

    I'm on the market of buying a new helmet and on the fence of which color to get. I personally like white slightly better, and a bit more clean. But here's a thought that might seem silly. Remember that old debate with white vs black pads, and how white gives off the illusion to shooters that there is open net.

    If you apply that same logic, wouldn't I want a black mask, cause I rather not have shooters think my head is open net??

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

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    I think the best logic is to go with what you like considering how much you are going to spend.


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      if i ever get another mask I'm looking at red or blue. Had white have black now a Fusion. Good mask... are they still around making masks? I remember eons ago bringing up this topic and getting flamed by frosty the board flamer at the time.