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Knee stack problem in 997s

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  • Knee stack problem in 997s

    Playing the Simmons 997

    So I finally decided to get back to it - knee fully healed up about a year ago, but was just trying to get back into shape before trying this goalie thing again. I finally decided to strap the pads on again, but this time I've been going out alone to practice basic movements - it's helping.

    When I'm going into bfly, bfly slides, slowly - no problem.

    The problem: I'm not landing on the knee stacks (completely) whenever I do these movements with speed. It's more like half on and half on the leg pad - which creates all sorts of sliding issues - I just can't.

    Played my first game today and I could actually read where the play was going, but when I would try to slide I would basically just topple over because I wasn't completely on the knee stack.

    Just FYI - when I practice and I'm on the knee stacks I can go sideboard to sideboard in power slides, slide ups, recovery slides no probelm.

    Side note:
    - straps are loose
    - my clip straps (to help close the 5hole when in bfly) are snug'ish - any looser and I can't seal the pads)
    -997 have the sliding toe bridge and I have a 1.5" gap in the lace

    Any help/advice would be great

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    Adjust the knee stack itself.


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      Probably going to get more responses over at ​


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        Thanks for the advice - I'll do both lol