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Got Cut From Men's League Team - Feeling Conflicted

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  • Got Cut From Men's League Team - Feeling Conflicted

    Background: Playing 18 years, played all Men's League divisions in my time, won 5 cups. As time went on, I kept getting on higher tier teams. For the past years I have been playing on the 2nd to the highest tier, which is very good - ex-college hockey studs, semi-pro, ex-high school studs, etc. I paid like everyone else, the first time I ever had to pay to be on a team. I paid every season. I definitely had my struggles in the regular season from time to time and let in more soft goals than I would care to admit, but I was reliable, mature, never yelled at any defensemen, never had a tantrum, etc. In the playoffs, I was always excellent, never giving up more than 4 in any playoff game. The last two playoff games we only scored 3 total (2 then 1). We finished in first place this season.

    I got the call from the Captain that they basically "traded" me down a tier to get a better goalie. The goalie they got *is* better, I admit it.

    Honestly I feel very conflicted. My head says "yes, they got a better goalie" but I can't help feeling betrayed a bit as this is Men's League, not the NHL. I'm also disappointed because the lower tiers are worse hockey. Those that have played different levels know what I'm talking about. It isn't about being stuck up, it's just the lower the tier the more choppy and not as fun the game becomes. I want to be "ok" with it but Im struggling.

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    Move on from them. If they can't see you for the intangibles and only stats, on a beer league team, then **** them.


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      Suck it up and move on. Work hard and try to find another team in the upper bracket again. No sense crying over what's already done.


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        Hell I cut myself and gave up my position in nets to skate out. With 5 games left in our regular season we went from second worst to finishing first place loser in the championship game.


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          You are either a really good forward, or a really bad goalie ;-P

        • Bassai
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          You are correct as far as my goaltending goes. Started the season with 9 skaters but lost two to injuries so on a good night we had 7. We did pick up a really good player but it wasn't me.

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        Had a disastrous first game with the new team. The shots were slower, the play was slower leading me to be out of position, got screened on a few. The shots were literally dipping they were so slow at times. Embarrassing. I felt so out of sorts.


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          Since when can beer league teams trade players without said players consent?


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            I've gone through that. My previous beer league team basically gave me the heave-ho. They had their eye on young stud goalie and wanted to win a championship. Granted I did play like hot garbage my last season with the team, mainly because I was having a running conflict with a couple of players on the team who would say crap to their own goalie, during a game! Stuff like, me: "hey please don't tip the puck on net, get out of the shooting lane". ref: "hey why does your own guy screen you all the time?" my antagonist: "i wasn't in the way, why didn't you stop that puck (that he tipped), goes to bench tells everyone on bench I didn't screen him he just let it in".

            That was going on my whole last season with that team in one form or another. So in my case I wasn't surprised and had another team that was quite happy to pick me up. Btw, the team never did win a championship, even though they had their elite goal tender. My experience has been that a great team with a crappy goalie can win it all in beer league play. But a crappy team with a great goalie can not seen it time and time again. Oh and a shocker, my save percent went from 82% to 91% when i switched teams.

            End of the day, my advice is to just forget about those bums. If a team doesn't want you then it's not like you can force them to have you as their goal tender. They forgot that beer league hockey is about everyone doing their best, having fun, and drinking beer afterwards


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              Beer league should just be fun. Some teams seem to think the scouts are in the crowd and if they aren't winning everything then they don't feel they are getting their monies worth. Screw those guys. Find another team at the skill level you want, teams are always looking for goalies. Maybe it'll be against your old team then you can shut that down.