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Wiping snow/ice from skate blades during a game

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  • Wiping snow/ice from skate blades during a game

    The last few games I noticed I was losing my edge a little towards the middle/end of the period. So when the puck was down at the other end for a face-off, I took my gloves off and wiped off the snow/ice that had built up on my skate blades with my fingers, and after noticed an immediate slight improvement on my edge. I'm just wondering if anyone else does this? I don't think I've ever seen many (any?) one doing this on the ice during a game. Of course between periods the snow/ice melts off, so it's only really useful towards the middle or end of a period.

    Or related question: is there any spray/wax that I can put on my blades to prevent the snow/ice build-up in the first place?

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    I know watching our WHL team here, their goalies usually head to the bench during media time outs or when there's an extended stoppage and the equipment guys clean their blades.

    I'm not aware of any products for preventing ice/snow build up. But I'm super OCD about cleaning snow out of my crease


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      I'm constantly cleaning the snow out of my crease as well. Good idea about having the equipment manager wipe them down during the breaks. Now I just need to get an equipment manager and some commercial breaks

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    Exactly. No commercials, equipment managers or going to the locker room between periods at this stage of hockey. I am also very OCD about clearing the snow and I hate it when I switch ends and the other goalie hasn't cleared anything the whole game. Once it gets packed down it gets tough to remove.

    I spray a little armor-all on a cloth and wipe my skate blades when I get home (to keep them from rusting) and that seems to help with the snow build-up as well. I have noticed when I don't do that, I have more on them when I get back to the locker room. I can't say that I ever noticed a lack of edges due to the snow.


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      I hate it when I switch ends and the other goalie hasn't cleared anything the whole game.

      Exactly SrSieve! When I look at video from my games, it looks like i spend almost 1/2 ice time by clearing snow from the crease. .
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