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Does pad flexibility matter if you wear pads loose anyways?

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  • Does pad flexibility matter if you wear pads loose anyways?

    Does how stiff or flexible the pad is matter if you wear your pads loose anyways? I see people talk about the flex of the pad but also seems like most people wear the pads so loose that there would be very little tension on the straps. Especially if the top of the pad is pre-curved and you're not wearing any straps behind the upper leg. I'm somewhat of a shorter, scrappier player but I like the idea of switching to stiff pads for various reasons. I don't want to inhibit my movement but I feel like the straps would be so loose that it wouldn't matter... Opinions? Thanks!!

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    I have Vaughn pads with double internal and external breaks and I don't use any straps higher than behind my knee. They don't flex at all while playing so I've never thought about it but the breaks probably don't do much. They still play pretty stiff but will give when a shot hits the thigh rise so no rebounds. I stiffer pad with give a bigger rebound, just depends on personal preference. For someone that straps them tight and wants it to stick to their leg it the breaks would be beneficial.


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      Flexible pads, or pads with multiple breaks are more critical for goalies with limited flexibility (ie narrow butterfly), which includes me. If I used a straight, stiff pad, my 5 hole would be wide open, since my hips are not very flexible. I need my pads to flex at the top, so that they cover as much 5-hole gap as possible.


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        Straps looseness or tightness are for rotation. Stiffness or flex are for 5 hole coverage depending on you physical abilities. I play with very loose pads for maximum rotation and use the flex to shut the 5 hole since my butterfly is really narrow.

        So straps depend on comfort and flex depends on how the 5 hole shuts. 2 different concepts.


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          Thanks guys. Just goes to show how much of a game changer the Warrior G2/G3 is.. You don't need the flex to shut the 5 hole, you can use the profile lock to put it where you need it. Also, not needing straps above the knee could only help with mobility... Really want to get me a pair