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Reverse VH Pad In Net Issue

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  • Reverse VH Pad In Net Issue

    I have been working on my RVH over the summer and when I go with my pad in the net and shin/boot break against the post the the outer roll of the pad contacts the post, not allowing the bottom of the pad to contact the post leaving enough room for a puck to cross the line on the ice before it hits the toe of the pad. See attached picture from this article: (Anyone better at translating Finnish than Google?)
    Obviously this isn't an issue when I have my skate on the post, but if I am pushing hard I go pad in as it is a bigger target, and I don't want to miss the post. The other issue I have with toe on the post is my lack of flexibility causes issues with leaning my torso to the post. (Along with coverage issue with the lean) I would like to be comfortable with both 'toe on the post' and 'pad in' as I will find myself using both techniques.
    I am not sure if I am not getting enough pad rotation, but I wear my pads fairly lose, with plenty of slack in my toe tie to allow for proper pad rotation.
    Has anyone else had this issue? Any advice I can try out?
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    Personally I think this method is a disaster waiting to happen. It has bad goals written all over it.


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      The main thing in that article is the disclaimer in the second paragraph. The Reverse-VH is not a be-all, end-all post coverage method that will magically work in every situation. It's an option that relies entirely on a goalie's core strength, athleticism, and ability to read the play. If it doesn't feel right for you, it wasn't meant for you.