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Should I play tonight w/ injury...

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  • Should I play tonight w/ injury...

    Ok, need some expert (read: old goalie ) advice:

    I tweeked my back yesterday, which is not uncommon (furniture deleverer since age 15) This time it was worse than normal though. Bad enough in fact, that I sought out a chiropracter <sp?> for the first time. So he thinks its bad, and sends me home to rest yesterday. Wake up this morning, pain is bearable - but still more than I'm used to. He takes an x-ray this morning, and sure enough, L5 is angled a bit, which is putting pressure on one of my disks, he doesn't think the disk is damaged, but tells me to "take it easy" again today. What he doesn't know is that I've got a game tonight, and we're in a three way hunt for first, playing the only team to have beaten us this session. (beer league, nothing I get paid for, or will ever get paid for!)

    Now, I've pretty much made up my mind I'm going to play, since we have no one else that can fill in... but I'm looking for opinions on how stupid I actually am being; from those who know where I'm coming from... not just from my overprotective wife

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    Learn from Eddie the Eagle. If he can pull himself out of the World Cup Tournament because of his bad back to better his chances of a healthy season and run at the Cup, then I think that you can take a pass on this one game. I know that there is a race for first place, but this also suggests that your team will be in the playoffs when it really matters.

    It's a really hard thing to do, and I don't always follow it too, so I am just trying to give you more incentive to rest your back like the 'doctor' said.

    But if you follow these instructions, you may as well tell your wife that you are taking a pass because of her wishes. You may as well get some browny points in the process.


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      If you're in the Northern Suburbs and need a sub, I might be able to do it depending on where and when. Also, you could ask see about Sticheboy (Pete).


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        Rest your back. Failing that or a sub, could you find it within your power to suit up and just play stand-up without diving all over the place and risking further aggravation? Just a thought.


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          it's hard to say 'suit up and go against the dr's advise' even though thats what alot of us would do. I wouldn't suit up unless you really have to. One game, even if it's important, is not worth more than the rest of career. I would wear a hot/cold compress on the back and bring some pain relief to the bench (beer OR pills never both )


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            Don't mess with your back. Find a sub. Heal and come back.


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              two words - Vicodin and Beer

              thats what i would do...but i am an idiot



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                I'm stupid enough to play with back pain. But that's just me. I know my back and what causes usual pain.

                I will not play if I feel unusual pain, in a different area or simply unknown.

                Yours seems to be serious enough to forget the game and recover.


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                  While Brussolino makes an excellent arguement I would say take the night off. No reason to injure yourself more.


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                    It's not even a playoff game. Save yourself for the end when it matters most. Back problems really suck (believe me, I know), so if you overdue it you'll end up missing much more later (work and hockey). Also, if you haven't already, read Dr. Daves recent post in the thread on back pain. See a physical therapist to get some strength/stretching exercises, which are what has helped me tremendously. Just my unexpert opinion.


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                      Originally posted by frankydee
                      I'm stupid enough to play with back pain. But that's just me. I know my back and what causes usual pain.
                      Isn't the back pain caused by the gravitational forces on your front?


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                        Well, after a few more hours of rest, heat, and celebrex, my back is feeling better. I've still got the soreness, but I'm back to full range of motion w/o obscene pain. I think I'm gonna suck it up and play tonight. Last time I played with a stiff back (similar pain, not as severe) I actually cured myself by the end of the game.

                        I appreciate all the opinions - it's funny how in my mind I've used both sides to argue with myself In the end though, I feel well enough that I won't do more damage - and that was my biggest worry. That, and the fact that I can be a pig headed idiot sometimes


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                          Why are you using heat to treat and injury?

                          NEVER, EVER, EVER use heat to treat an injury.


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                            I know, ice is my usual modus operondi as well... but the doc said that in this case, the shift in the vertebrae is likely from a muscle spasm, and that the heat would break that up... I gotta say that it has done wonders though.


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                              Originally posted by sloth2946
                              Why are you using heat to treat and injury?
                              NEVER, EVER, EVER use heat to treat an injury.
                              Let's settle this once and for all. This what I have for treatment.

                              Ligaments, tendons, cartilage etc. Ice
                              Muscles with inflamation : Ice
                              Muscles without inflamation : Alternate heat and ice

                              Some help here please !!!