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  • Umbilical Hernia

    How long of a recovery for a Umbilical Hernia Repair?

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    Don't know whether would be the same, but I had two inguinal hernias repaired via laparoscopic surgery this August. Doctor said not to lift I think it was more than ten pounds or so for two weeks then see how it goes. On the advice of my wife the nurse I extended that to about five weeks just to let the scar tissue grow through the screens a little more to reduce the risk of tearing off what was put in.

    I've been back playing since the start of November and everything seems to be fine. The area feels a little different than it used to and occasionally I'll feel what seems to be a strain in a sensitive spot, but the strain goes away and I haven't noticed any impediment to movement.

    The pain from surgery went away amazingly quickly. The most difficult movement was trying to get out of bed because of all the core muscles nov loved in the movement. Rolling over slowly with shoulders up on pillows until one foot could reach the floor worked best for me. But each repair is probably different.


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      4-6 and should be good to go.


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        I can only assume this hernia is associated with your belly button?

        My belly button never hurts during lifting or exertion but if someone pokes a finger in there it hurts like hell

        Am I weird?


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          I had it done a couple summers ago. Depends if they're doing laparascopic or legit cutting you open. I got cut open, and I could hardly move for a few days. I hope for your sake that you never have to cough, sneeze, defecate, or even fart . After that, they say no physical activity for somewhere between 1 and 2 months