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  • First Win!

    Got my first Real win tonight. I started subbing for "C" division men's league this year, this is my 4th year playing goal. 4 years of shinny hockey and I never realized how much extra goalies do when there's a ref and in a real game. Icing, delayed penalty, all the stuff I yell at the TV about haha. Now I have a new responsibility as a tendy, and I want to learn fast to support the team. Any pointers on what my extra responsibility is besides stopping the puck and the above mentioned?

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    One of the things that I do - is talk to the defensemen - they are often coming back to pick up the puck and have their backs to the play. They have to look over their shoulder to see whats going on and have many blindspots while you have a perfect view of the play. Yelling to them helps

    "Time" - When they have no backcheckers
    "One" - One Forechecker
    "Two" - Two Forecheckers
    "One Hard" - One Forechecker coming hard and fast - they need to make a quick play.
    "One Slow" - One Forechecker coming - but they have enough time to not panic and make a play
    "Feet" - if the puck is in their skates and they cant see it.
    "Yours" - If I am stopping the puck behind the net - but want to leave it for them to get
    "Mine" - If I want to play the puck - they need to get open rather then come back to get the puck
    "Go Round" if they have the puck and there is a forecehcker and their best play is to go around behind the net.

    Basically talk with your defensemen - establish communication with them. Simple One or two word phrases that are easy to understand. Like I said many times they are coming back to get the puck and cant see what is behind them. Its a little thing - but my defensemen say it helps. Any one who has ever played against or with me knows I am always yelling to them. It helps.


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      Not that they will listen for the most part LOL

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    Thanks that's helpful stuff, guess the small things can be pretty important.