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HI every one!!.... Can somebody help me, sherwood t90 pads 2014

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  • HI every one!!.... Can somebody help me, sherwood t90 pads 2014

    Well, i dont know what to say really.... maybe a little bit of my hockey life. Im from south Spain, so obviously i just play inline hockey, started when i was around 12 (20 years ago already... wow!) I started long time ago, but i have never been constant, took too many breaks every other few years.
    last time I was playing was in 2010 but had to quit again because i moved to UK, now i have found a new hockey team and im back to business again, yeah! thats why ive joined this community, i would like to buy new stuff, such as pads, mask and so on, and i would like your help to make my mind up.
    I would like to ask about this set of sherwood t90 pads that i found at this site
    The pads seem rather good, and cheap (260 pounds). the reason of the discount its just because they were supposed to be white, not cream. i have read bad comments about the previous model, but wonder about this one, does it look right? what do you think?
    now, about the size my ATK is 16 (40.5 cm), my FTK is 19.5 (50 cm), my height is 5.64 (172 cm) and my skates are a 10 ( but i think they are just a little bit big) should i go for 33+2 or 32+2???

    any other recommendations? I have also seen the vaughn lt80 for around 500 euros

    thanks, I would really apreciate anyone`s help

    PD: maybe i shouldnt have asked this on my presentation, so if anybody thinks i should go to an other post or anything, just let me know and I will ask my questions in an other place
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    Yeah, I would recommend asking this in Equipment Forum.

    And sorry, I know nothing about the Sherwood pads you are asking about.


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      Thanks, ill try there