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First Post: Lundqvist Heel Strap Setup

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  • First Post: Lundqvist Heel Strap Setup

    Hey all,

    For my first post, I want to say hello and thanks! I began playing hockey around age 6, up through high school, then went to college in South Carolina, selecting football games and dirt-cheap beer over Saturday night club games at the rink 45 minutes away.

    At 29, I've picked the game back up and couldn't be more stoked. I've been lurking the boards here for a couple weeks and picked up some GREAT information. I found out tonight that the best info I've acquired from here so far was the Lundqvist-style heel strap setup.

    A couple weeks ago, I picked up a throwback pair of TPS R8's from for super cheap to finally replace my Brian's Alite Air Pacs (Midnight Series, baby!), and tried the Lundqvist strap setup tonight for the first time tonight (running my boot strap through a heel loop rather than underneath the cowling).

    It was unreal. I never realized that the boot of my pad was inhibiting my lateral movement so much -- skate blowouts taking away 90 percent of my push, apparently. Running the strap around the back of my skate raised the boot just enough to allow for significantly better movement.

    Looking forward to (hopefully) providing some good input to the boards and returning the favor!


    PS: If anyone's interested in a brand new pro-level pad for $349, has two more pairs: Tps hockey*-*Response 8 pro senior | Hockey 1

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    Welcome back into the fold!

    I started playing again at 24 after a long break. Wish I would've done it much sooner.

    I plan on trying that strapping set up when my new skates arrive next week as the will have a loop in the back for that purpose.


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      Thanks! It's ironic that I moved 600 miles south to pick the game up again.

      Which skates are they? I'm about to try a boot swap (new step steel on a cowling that doesn't allow for blade swaps), hoping I don't tear them apart.

      Give an update after you use the new setup -- will be interested to hear about your experience.


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        VH skates come with a loop on the back.


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          I tried strapping my TPS R12s via the 'Lundqvist loop' on my new Reactor 9000 skates, and wow, just WOW what a difference in the ability to push off with no interference from the pads.

          My only issue is that it seems to be wreaking havoc on my ankles, which is weird because I can't see how the mechanics are any different, in fact it should free up the ankle even more? Any ideas? Maybe I should try that strap a bit more loose to start with.


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            I don't see how the boot strap can be run through the loop on the back of the skate. Is it able to rotate so the strap reaches back? As a rule though is it better to run the boot strap thru the back of the boot or in the middle? I've been running my boot strap under the middle of my skate and strapping it loosely.