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  • Walt definitely has made bad decisions too but Jesse has done things that are just so mind numbingly stupid that you just can't believe it. It's frustrating to watch, lol.


    • I dont get all this hate for Jesse.

      What's he done that really separates him from everyone else in terms of his 'stupidity', most things I can recall is just bad luck/improvising.


      • It's like he just can't follow a plan. He's always gotta do something extra or make a deviation that ends up backfiring. Oh man and the way he talks! lol. It's not as bad now, but in the first couple seasons, wow. You could have gotten very drunk doing a drinking game whenever he used terms such as "yo" or "bitch". I just always found the character of Jesse to be frustrating/annoying.


        • Yeah but hes the ying to walt's over-calculated yang.

          I have no idea where this last episode is going though. Anyone look on their tv menu to see how long the episode will be? It has to be a 2 hour show.

          Too many open things still for just a single hour.


          • Originally posted by Bryan View Post
            I'd say it looks like i was right that Walt should have grabbed the evidence from Hank's place
            Thought of your post when they showed his house. Nice.

            Todd is one of the top ten scariest characters ever created. His ease at killing people right after being one of the nicest guys in the world is chilling.

            I think Lydia kills him. She uses his attraction to infiltrate the doings of his family, then kills him.

            This show feels like it needs a tournament bracket to figure out which two are going to battle in the end.


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              • Anyone care to partake?


                • Originally posted by SaveByRichter35 View Post
                  Anyone care to partake?
                  Good thing I didn't partake, Walt offing himself (does accidentally count?) and Lydia death by ricin, would've been the only ones I called right. I knew Jessie wanted to kill Todd, but didn't think he'd do it.

                  Somehow, when Walt bought that gun, I couldn't picture him actually using it....(just not his skill set) Didn't see the robotic pivoting stand coming, nice twist.

                  Overall, good ending to a great series. One of the best series ever.
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                  • After I was like 'they finished that right'.

                    Even Badger and Pete were in the mix.

                    Is Jesse free and clear now? I know he was in the mix with the DEA before the bad guys took him.

                    I read that the title of the episode "Felina" was a song that the main character of the song dies with his true love in hand. Sorta how Walt died with chemistry in hand.

                    Who else thought Jesse was going to run over Walt?
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                    • Originally posted by MTH View Post

                      Who else though Jesse was going to run over Walt?
                      I captain yellow shirt


                      • I was generally really pleased with this final episode. As a stand-alone, it wasn't amazing - a little predictable, a little safe - but it did what it needed to do, and served as a fine cap to a show that will ultimately be viewed as one whole entity (and a damned good one, at that).

                        Some people, myself included, trick themselves into expecting the writers to swing for the fences and create the show's finest episode for a finale. But it's a ridiculous expectation - a final episode just has to be a fitting ending to a story. I think we got that last night.


                        • WHy was it "safe?"


                          • Gus returning as a zombie with a hockey mask on would have been unsafe.


                            • Originally posted by gort View Post
                              WHy was it "safe?"
                              Well gort...

                              Though I've already gone on record as saying I enjoyed the episode, many things did play out how most intense fans of the show thought it would:

                              -Lydia drank the ricin disguised as Stevia
                              -Walt used his M60 to kill Jack and his crew
                              -Jesse was able to exact his revenge on Todd
                              -Walt ended up taking pity on Jesse and freeing him
                              -Walt died, but only after achieving what he set out to do

                              Things were also very easy for Walt:

                              -dying of cancer, he was able to escape a bar that cops were descending on. He was able to escape New Hampshire and drive cross-country without any issues.
                              -He was able to go into an Albuquerque diner and pull up a chair without anyone recognizing him (keep in mind, hair or no hair, he was a national fugitive at this point, and a criminal-celebrity in Albequerque).
                              -He breaks into a billionaire couple's house without triggering any alarms. Sounds silly, but this show is so meticulous with details that an omission of something like that seems a little unusual.
                              -He is able to visit Skyler without anyone noticing.
                              -Walt drives into the Nazi compound, and when things go wrong and he has a gun to his head, he saves himself (and Jesse) by pointing out that Jesse was a partner and what, taking advantage of Jack's pride? That could have easily not worked... --When the gun goes off, of course Jack and Todd are the only ones left alive, so they can be dealt with by Walt and Jesse, respectively.

                              Now gort, by now you're probably thinking that I'm some extremely negative person who likes to pick apart shows to the point where there's nothing left to enjoy. You would be wrong.

                              I have had so much fun watching this show, and dissecting it with my friends afterwards has made it all the more rewarding. I really enjoyed last night's episode, and think that it was a fine way to end a show that's probably in my Top Three. I also know that Vince Gilligan's world is not super grounded in realism - this is a show where a guy got half of his face blown off, and then got up and walked out of a room to adjust his tie (loved it). I know it's just a show, and it's supposed to be fun.

                              I think that the last episode felt a little rushed (wish they could have done 2 hours), and that in order to do everything they wanted to do in one episode, they ended up making things a little easy for Walt. I think that with one episode left, hardcore fans were finally able to foresee what would likely happen in show as unpredictable as Breaking Bad - and most of it did happen. There was nothing even resembling a David Chase ending in there: Walt left a big nestegg for his family, evil Nazis and meth-movers were punished, Jesse got away, and Walt paid the price for his crimes while going out in a way that he found fulfilling and redemptive. Like he said last season, "Everybody wins."

                              That's what I meant by "safe". But TV finales are self-fulfilling prophecies; I expected an ending with a few bumps, but one that would be a fitting end for the show and be an overall success. And that's exactly what I got.

                              You asked, I told!
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                              • Well said. Rushed were the last few episodes.

                                Endings where Hank killed the cousins was more realistic and beyond tense. This was more just what we wanted to see. You could say that Walt figured he'd be shot too with the MacGuyver gun. The Jesse being alive thing wasn't expected.

                                I don't know why Walt didn't just call the cops on the crew. He obviously knew their address.

                                He had no intentions to take home his money. Seemed like a waste to me for him to go there. They would have died in a shootout with the feds anyway.