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Going to live with a Billet family?

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  • Going to live with a Billet family?

    I am looking to play Junior B next year, but as I live next to the most southern Ice Rink in the United States, I will have to move to play. The coaches I have talked to all have been very proud of their billet programs, and do background checks and all that. However, my parents are not into hockey at all, and never were into sports as kids so they are completely new to this.

    I talked to my parents a few months ago about the possbility of me moving out to live with a billet family while I played Juniors, but as we've gotten closer to tryouts they have slowly become less for it. Originially their excuse was that they didn't want to pay the whole cost and they were worried I wouldn't go to college?, but once I figured out a plan to work while I was away, they straight up told me at 17 I am to young to live alone! Well duh, thats why I will be living with a billet family?

    There must be some other people on this board that live, lived with billet families while playing Juniors. Do you have any advice on the matter? Like how I can convince my parents to let me?

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    My son has not billited, but we know a couple of kids who are billiting to play at our Club. One is a 95, the other is a 96, so they are significantly younger than you at 13 & 14 years old. I don't think it's that you are too young, but maybe you're parents are not ready to part with you yet. It's a scarey prospect, as a parent, and if they don't share your ambition with you that would make it even harder for them. Even though I'm totally down with Z's hockey, and I know he may have to go away at some point, it would scare me too if it started to turn into a reality.

    Best thing I can recommend is demonstrate to them that the host family and home are safe, the schools good and the hockey is good. Then try to help them understand how important it is to you. Hopefully they will support you in the end, even though it will be hard for them. I know first hand it's not easy. My ex (Z's Dad) had to give us permission to move down here this fall so that he could play hockey here. I know he misses the kids a lot, but he put them first. Hopefully your parents will too.

    It doesn't seem like that big of a stretch to me, after all, you will be 18 very shortly, and lots and lots of kids go away to college at 17 & 18. Perhaps they are more worried about your education than you realize? Try to pinpoint their real objection, fear, whatever, and then do what you can to reassure them that what they are worried about is not going to be a problem, and tell them why (like you did by telling them you would work).

    PM if you want to talk.

    Best, MZ


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      I've had friends who billet during junior and they all had such positive experiences. The families have usually done it for a while and know exactly what players need. They are really like your second family. One of my buddies even invited his billets to his wedding 8 years after he stopped living with them.

      Also if you and the billet aren't compatible, you're not stuck, they'll find you a new family.


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        I lived with a billet family when I played juniors. Both of the families (I got traded so I had two) had never billeted before, but they were both great. They treated me pretty much like a son, and both became like second families to me. It's been two years since I played juniors, and I still talk to both families all the time.
        All my friends that billeted have had good experiences as well.


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          Thanks alot for the responses. I think the way to go right now is to talk with my mom and dad seperately to figure out what they're concerned about, because together their just the juggernaut of no moving away to play. I think my mom just had alot of trouble with my older sister going away to college, and she wants to hold on to me longer. But my dad, sinces hes an engineer analyzes everything! and comes up with the worst case scenarios before deciding if its worth the risk lol. I am glad you guys replyed, as this will be used as evidence to support my arguement for billeting! lol


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            My parakeets would like to live with a millet family.


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              i lived with two billets, and was at my friends billets a ton, so have a decent amount of experience with billets. i will say i have some of the best memories, and stories, from juniors because of the fact that i lived with other people, and not staying at home and playing.

              if youre still in high school, i advise you finish high school, hockey will always be there, and personally i would have not given up my senior year for a div1 ride.

              if you have any questions feel free to send me a pm


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                I have lived through both the good and the bad of billet experiences. My first season of AAA at age 15 I lived with a first time billet and it was a great experience! They treated me like family and they still come to watch my games when we play at lssu.

                My first year of juniors my first billets were not that great. They did not cook for us very often and when they did they cooked very unhealthy. Me and the other player did not like it but we lived and if things get really bad the coaches will always move you. After their son got kicked out of college and came home (shows you the type of family) I was moved to a different family who had also billeted John Grahame and I had a great time.

                My second year of Juniors I lived with a former players family and I had another great experience. They were great and did everything you would expect of your own family.

                If you want to move up in hockey and play in college or above its an experience you have to have. Every player goes through it and it is a great learning experience.


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                  Originally posted by leaferguy View Post
                  My parakeets would like to live with a millet family.
                  I am embarrassed that I laughed at that..................


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                    Well, unfortunately I don't see it happening. They have just started listing all the irresponsible things I do throughout the day (throughout the day) its kinda riddiculous, and who is going to put up with these things but them? because they love me more than anyone else ever could? It sucks because their arguement against me doing it is totally un based anymore, but their my parents, so unless they have some sort of ****ing revelation, I guess i will be stuck playing Junior C/AAA another year. Thanks for the responses, if theres any change in opinion ill update on it


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                      My billets were awsome, I lived with another guy on the team as well and it became a family not long after we moved in. Daughter was a model to, **** was she hot lol. Seriously though tell your parents it's what you really want to do and I don't know how it works in the states but up here Jr B guys who are good enough ussually got the call to Jr A and scholly's are a very real possibility for you if you do well, so tell them about that. Try and explain the positives and leave out the all night sex fests and keg stands lol.


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                        Originally posted by foodsample View Post
                        , I guess i will be stuck playing Junior C/AAA another year. Thanks for the responses, if theres any change in opinion ill update on it
                        Where do you play currently?


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                          This is a case where you really need a coach to speak with your parents


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                            What Junior B team(s) will you be trying out for?


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                              Ive been playing with the Miami Toros Junior C team. While playing a couple games through the season for a Highschool team an hour north, and a the Thunder Midget A team.

                              The highest level hockey in the area is the U18 AAA Jr. Panthers Alliance team. That is a combination of the Jr. Panthers, and the Golden Wolves, who are the top Youth hockey clubs in South Florida.

                              Right now I am aiming for the Space Coast Hurricanes. But my goalie coach has been trying to contact one of his old Junior teams, the Portland Pirates about a tryout. I have also talked with the coach of the Tampa Bay Bolts. I was looking into the Atlanta Knights, but their prospect camp is tomorrow, and I have feeling its a major part in the tryout selection, as they offer it as a package along with the tryouts in 2 weeks.