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  • Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

    Hey guys, this might seem like an odd request but my buddy and I got an early invite to a halloween party. We want to have awesome costumes and we've decided on a theme. I am going as Hulk Hogan and he is going as Macho Man Randy Savage. My costume will be easy, but his is going to be a little more difficult to do well. We have thought about it and are going to hit up the local thrift stores and try to do it like that. But we were wondering if anyone had any specific suggestions on how to do the costume or where to buy a costume like that. Any thoughts? Thanks,


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    lots of 'roids, lots of spandex, lots of bandanas, and smoke 4 packs a day for that ultimate "Macho" voice.


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      I don't think you can buy a costume like that anywhere, you're going to have to build it.

      Gaudy is Job #1 though. Flashy spandex tights, crazy sunglasses, crazier cowboy hat, whatever jacket you use attach a bunch of streamers to the sleeve and for bonus points for the win buy your buddy a package or two of Slim Jims.

      Oh Yeah!!!!!!

      YouTube - macho man slim jim commercial


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        buy a crappy jacket and rhinestone machine and make your own jacket..


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          Put a whole bunch of sequins on a robe and get a crown and go as Randy 'The Macho King' Savage.

          Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.... The Superpowers! You need Elizabeth too!



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            Google Randy macho man savage and look at the images, lots of em, your gonna need the shades for sure, and maybe a bandanna or fruity cowboy hat. lots of shredded clothing and the boots for sure. your gonna be ballin!
            heres a shot i found of him just about to pound this sick kids face in just so he could eat his jello!! frikkin roids, sheesh!


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              Hogan and Savage? Pshct.....

              Too Cool is where it's at!

              And we even had Trish Stratus...


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                  Those Too Cool costumes are pretty sweet actually. All the ideas are pretty good. There are actually some in-ring worn macho man clothes on Ebay but they are way too expensive. My buddy does a good impression of Macho, so I will post try to post a video after the party so you guys can check it out. Keep the suggestions coming for sure!



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                    Hospital scrub pants = $5
                    Mets mesh baseball jerseys = $5
                    Red fabric and black fabric paint = $5
                    bucket hat = $2.99 bargain bin
                    blonde hair dye = $10 (Yes, I grew my hair out for 2 months for the costume)

                    Most expensive part were the Too Cool chains we wore, I think $15 each off But it was all worth it wearing the costume to work on Halloween and having to sit in a meeting with my bosses and have them fight to not laugh while I'm explaining the budget crisis we were facing at the time.


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                      Originally posted by casedawg20000 View Post
                      There are actually some in-ring worn macho man clothes on Ebay but they are way too expensive.
                      You can always raid Wal-Mart of Target and look in the clearance racks for different color t-shirts to shred into tassels. Pants - the scrubs might be a great place to start, then just use either fabric paint or other cloth to make them loud and obnoxious. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but either Rags or Michael's is going to be your friend.


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                        Macho Man may just do an appearance for less than what Mike spent. That dude will do anything for cash... "ooooh yeah I'll show for $25".

                        Try his site... The Official Macho Man Website

                        Bundy lives near me. If your party has a good sized buffet, he may just go with you. Oh, and supply some Asian women for him... cause he likes em.

                        Hope your car is large too. Last time I checked, Bundy was cruising around in an old Lincoln Town Car with a destroyed front seat.
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