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Best hockey commentator quotes!

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  • Best hockey commentator quotes!

    I just heard one about Tim Thomas during the Sens/Bruins game.

    Quote " Thomas may look like Bambi on ice sometimes, but he manages to get there to make the save" End quote

    The perfect analogy for him

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    "he shoots it top shelf where your mama used to hide the cookie jar!!!"


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      Do you believe in miracles?!


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        From way back in the day.

        "And he beat him like a rented goalie"


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          Oh, and I did like this one from Doug MacCloed (sp?) after a big hit, or frantic goalmouth melee:

          Get your children and small pets away from the TV, 'cause the NHL is in your living room!


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            I thought it was pretty epic when Calgary won a game in the playoffs a couple a years back and the radio guy just said "FLAMES WIN!!! YEAAAHHHHH BABBBYYYY!!!"


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              Tom Larscheid, Canucks color man, during a spate of injuries in the early 1990's:

              'Jim, I was just in the Canucks dressing room, and I can tell you that Pavel's groin has never felt better."


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                Despite the fact that alot of non Leaf Fans (and even some Leaf fans) hate the Joe Bowen (Mr. "Holy Mackinaw") and Harry (Neal?) commentary during Leaf games I must say they come up with a new description for the goalies when introducting the starters that is pretty cool.

                Usually it's something that has some zing to it and of course I'm drawing a blank right now but not often something you've heard used to describe goalies before.

                I personally like the appropriately placed "HOLY MACKINAW" but Bowen has become too predictably in the past 2 or 3 seasons, pulling it out on every nice goal or save. I liked it better when he only threw one or two out there per game.


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                  Pittsburgh's Mike Lange, for the win!
                  • "It's a... HOCKEY NIGHT in Pittsburgh!"
                  • "I'll be cow-kicked!
                  • "Oh no, Eddie Spaghetti!"
                  • "Hallelujah Hollywood!"
                  • "Heeeeeeeeeeeee shoots and scores!"
                  • "It would take a miracle on Grant Street to come back from this deficit."
                  • "Scratch my back with a hacksaw!"
                  • "Well shave my face with a rusty razor!"
                  • "Great balls of fire!"
                  • "He was hit so hard his kids will be born dizzy"
                  • "He's handing out checks like it's the first of the month!"
                  • "He's like a bull in a china shop!"
                  • "Donna needs a donut!"
                  • "He left the defensemen on the parkway going to the airport!"
                  • "Look out Loretta!"
                  • "Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!"
                  • "He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch"
                  • "Michael, Michael, Motorcycle"
                  • "He hasn't scored since the eighth-grade picnic."
                  • "Never teach a pig to sing!"
                  • "Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game's ready to roll!"
                  • "She wants to sell my monkey!"
                  • "Call Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek!" (In western Pennsylvania, some people pronounce creek as "crick")
                  • "He beat him like a rented mule!"
                  • "They are buzzing like beeeees around a hive!"
                  • "They threw everything at him but the kitchen sink!"
                  • "He put (insert player name) on his wallet!"
                  • "He's all over 'em like a new pair of shoes."
                  • "Big Ben strikes one."
                  • "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!"
                  • "Book 'em Danno!"
                  • "He picked his pocket like he was walking down 5th Avenue"
                  • "If you missed this, shame on you for six weeks."
                  • "He's smilin' like a butcher's dog"
                  • "He takes the heat out of a hot kitchen"
                  • "How much fried chicken can you eat?"
                  • "He gave 'em more moves than Mae West."
                  • "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!"
                  • "Oh slap me silly Sidney!"
                  • "Get that dog off my lawn!"
                  • "And the kitchen is closed!"
                  • "He smoked him like a bad cigar!"
                  • "Go ahead, make my day!"
                  • "You'd have to be here to believe it!"
                  • "You can spit-shine your shoes, 'cause the Pens are going dancing with Lord Stanley!"
                  • "Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, bring me the brandy!"
                  • "Go for it, Mario; go for it."
                  • "Never sit on a bald man's hat."
                  • "Lets go hunt moose on a Harley!"


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                    Originally posted by kevinsane
                    Tom Larscheid, Canucks color man, during a spate of injuries in the early 1990's:

                    'Jim, I was just in the Canucks dressing room, and I can tell you that Pavel's groin has never felt better."
                    Another of Shorty's good quotes:

                    "Pavel Bure plays with such speed that his linemates can't keep up to him. If only he could play with himself out there, that would really give the fans a show."

                    "Kirk McLean is so fundamentally sound. Look at how erect he is in the net."

                    "There's Sather, with that grin on his face, relaxing behind the bench, hands in his pockets, enjoying himself."


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                      On the play of the week last week...

                      "He had Vokoun out on Fourth Street..."


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                        this one is about football but still good

                        John maddin:"he's ether going to run the ball, or pass the ball this play"
                        i wish i could remember what game i got this from


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                          Madden. And it's every game.


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                            Jim Hughston and Doc


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                              In Philly we've got Jim Jackson who doesn't have any catchphrases but by the tone of his voice you always know when something is about to happen.