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  • Eric Lindros gossip

    Well gentlemen...Tell me if you believe this one???

    A pretty reliable source has indicated that the reports of Eric Lindros' latest concussion are what you call "masking what really happened". According to this source of information, Lindros was intentionally hit by a Philly Phantoms minor leaguer under Bobby Clarke's direction. Front office wants Lindros out of the organization because of his poor attitude and an incident between him and Rod Brind'Amour. Apparently Lindros had a Sexual relationship with Brind'Amour's wife a while back and management found out. We all know that Bob Clarke doesn't have what you call "top management skills" so I ask all of you; Do you see any truth in this report? I know that I do.

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      Sounds interesting, but that's all it is...interesting.

      Consider: Assuming Clarke has little "management skill," is it reasonable to think that he, or his staff, could concoct such a conspiracy, then execute it?

      And, obviously, the intentional injury of ANY player, not to mention a marquee player in your OWN organization, on the part of management is just silly. If Clarke really wants Lindros out (which, itself, is believeable), wouldn't it be more convenient, and profitable, to simple keep Lindros out of the lineup under "medical reasons" (to save his health and not screw up team chemistry), and then simply trade, or even release, Lindros at the end of the season?

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        I dunno....what with Lindros' concussion problems maybe Brind'Amour needs to get a padded headboard for his bed, you know in a "take one for the team" kinda spirit.
        And if it is true, Clarke and ol' JEdgar know more about the grassy knoll than anyone can imagine!


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          My high-quality source has confirmed that this rumour has been floating around all over the pro scouting ranks, in all sorts of incantations... but again, if you're looking to unload someone, why would you lengthen his injury list by putting him out longer?

          As for the alduterous fornication, apparently this is something that happens... not that the NHL is a bunch of swingers mind you, but more that they're humans with more testosterone than they know what to do with... and something tells me they're not quite the type to spend their off-days in sexual harrassment classes with the team HR dept.


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            On a similar note to K's, it is pretty "established" in St Louis that the reason for Brendan Shanahan being traded was because he was having an affair with Craig Janney's wife (Craig Janney was the main set-up man for almost all of Shanney's goals- similar to Adam Oates' assists for Brett Hull. I guess Janney was unknowingly Shanney's set-up man for other things too?). Craig Janney was also well known for cheating on his wife (who was drop dead gorgeous BTW), but the Blues didn't think this justified Shanney's behavior against his teammate, especially the one who made him a star, so they felt he had to be moved on.
            I'm sure some of the current/former St Louis area boys like RobbF and Werner have heard this?



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              I think an easier way to get rid of Lindros would be to not play him...then TRADE him...


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                Thank you, Badger!

                Let's not confuse issues here:

                Lindros's extra-curricular escapades with teammates' wives: believeable.

                Clarke wanting to rid himself of Lindros (either as a scapegoat for team failures, or for other reasons): believeable.

                But--however we want to entertain thoughts of player disharmony, that is a separate thing from entertaining thoughts about Clarke intentionally ordering some minor leaguer to injure Lindros. This "Clarke Conspiracy" I do find: UNbelieveable.


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                  Unsupported and highly unlikely (I don't buy it), but not impossible. The NHL is still a league of frontier justice after all. No story seems impossible anymore .


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                    I think people are underestimating Clarke's management skills. I mean he's 'managed' to deal with Eric the crybaby-made of glass-primadonna. He's managed to deal with Roger Nielson's cancer. You can disagree with the WAY he's dealt with these things (I do too), but you can't argue with this:

                    He's managed (dispite those distractions) to take the Flyers further than 24 other teams did this year.

                    Of course, I could be biased. He's from the same hometown as me. I'll ask him about this topic when I see him at the barbeque on the July long weekend. That is, if I decide to go up there this year. 500 miles is so long to drive for just a 3 day trip!!


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                      I have heard that this is all a conspiracy to just keep Eric out. He's NOT injured but he has talked to Bob and they have decided to leave him out but they need a reason to do so or the fans will get pissed. So they came up with what else, but another concussion,.


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                        I do find the "concussion-is-just-a-story" scenario very believeable and even likely. Everyone knows that all injury reports during the playoffs are outright lies. Most of the time, a playoff injury report tries to disguise or minimize a player's actual injury, so why not put out an injury report that completely fabricates a non-existent injury?


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                          The group leader in my area at work her name is Mary. Her little brother played with the JR Red Wings for awhile and she said Lindross stayed with him for a short period of time. He told Mary that Lindros was the biggest p*ssy and cry-baby he'd ever met. I was aghast to hear on the local Detroit radio station some guys talking of bringing him to the Red Wings.

                          On another note of "fabricated" injuries. About 2 months ago in Sports Illustrated there was a small article about how Scotty Bowman had placed Fedorov on the injured list due to a head injury. Do any of you remember when he missed a few games? There was NO injury! Bowman was giving Fedorov some personal time to "deal with" Pavel Bure and Anna Porn-ikova's engagement. Oh, but remember that Sergei and Anna were "just freinds". Then Pavel got what he wanted and dumped her anyway.

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                            Well, that is a head injury, right?


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                              As far as "making up something... aha! Another concussion!" you've also got to remember... what was the last main complaint that Lindy raised that got him in such hot water? Ah yes-the team physicians mis-diagnosed his injury, and didn't catch a concussion that he found after flying back to Toronto to see his own doc.

                              Based on that alone, Clarke seems to have covered his bases. Hmmm how to keep Lindy out of the lineup? Oh you bumped your head there Eric... let's get you to a doctor... wow Eric you were right all along, you have a concussion. I know it's the playoffs and all, but we'd better keep you off of the ice for a while...

                              On a related note, flying in an airplane messes with the pressures inside the human body enough if you're healthy. I'd imagine any flight with a concussion (I know Philly to Toronto can't be that long) has got to be killer, especially if you're "made of glass."