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Post-Clinic Thanks and Thoughts

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  • Post-Clinic Thanks and Thoughts

    Just got in from the 4.5 hour drive back to Philly. I'm tired, but happy.

    I want to say thanks to all the guys running the clinic, as I really learned a lot and feel like a better goalie. Jukka, Yona, Brad, Jamo, and the rest did a great job. Hell, if I had instruction like this earlier in my life, I swear I could actually be a good goalie.

    It was great to meet everyone and put some faces to the handles. Also, Dave's (Clyde) imposter really knows his scotch

    Thanks to all, and I hope and pray that I'll be back next year! Now to get used to roller again

    BTW, I made a new thread because the original was many pages long and dealt with pre-clinic stuff
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    That wasnt Clyde? Oh no! so who was I sitting next too in the locker room? I knew Clyde having as sharp knife was a bad idea! Well at least the impostor opened up beers really really well!

    P.S- Man my body hurts! I didnt know I was in such out of shape form!, and here I thought round was good!


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      Haha, I forgot to thank you and Martin! kohomcm and martinzerogaa were great guys and it was really cool to let me room with you. Very much appreciated


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        Hey BEEEYOTCHEZ!

        Just got back to MTL. I'm still a dehydrated mess, but I'm happy nonetheless. I can't really express how great it was to meet all of you. This board is populated by a bunch of amazingly nice, personable people. I LOVE YOU GUYS, etc. *hic!*

        I have to give some specific props to certain people. First of all, Martin (martinzerogaa) was nice enough to drive Spike and I all the way to Rochester...and entertain us the whole time! [I'll post some vids tomorrow when I'm back in Ottawa]. You're hilarious, Mart, and I learned a lot about consumerism, etc. Thanks a TON. (BEEPbeepBEEPbeepBEEP...)

        Botts (my newly adopted dad) scored us a sweet room and managed to keep us chicks in check (Saturday night excepted). Thanks for chaffeuring us around and just being YOU, daddy. Liz and Spike, we rocked. Quite simple.

        I can't say enough about the boyz who looked after me Saturday night. BDD, Goaltendah, bc30 and Clyde (yes, CLYDE! ) are wicked guys. You're like my brothers, but not. And Brian (bc30) is the BEST GOALIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! No joke. Mike (BDD) shepherded me around all night and part of the morning, for which I can't thank him enough. All the boyz helped to reassure me that there are good things ahead. Clyde is a great guy...I have to admit that I had some preconceived notions about him (garnered from any one of hundreds of gun threads) but I was really really wrong, and I apologize. Clyde, you had my back (more than I realized at the time), and I thank you for that. You rock. Jeff and Clyde are two sweet Marines. Brian took my goaltending adulation with poise. You're a humble man, for such a superstar!! Mike offered to bring me toast this morning, which seems like a small thing, but I found it pretty touching. All in all, I can't say enough good things about youse guys. Thanks.

        Many thanks to the coaches...I promise to hold my gloves further in front of me, and to have a trusted friend throw pucks at my face. I learned a lot of little things and you guys identified a bunch of things I've been doing wrong. I also met my future husband (vid to come), which was an unexpected bonus. Very cool, thanks!

        There are tons of others, and the weekend wouldn't have been the same without any of them. I'll remember more once I'm less dead-feeling. Thanks to all for tolerating my shenanigans... Everyone I met was cool, and I'm not just saying that. Sorry for biting your nips....


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          Sorry to post three times already, but I just wanted to say that listening to Clyde, 'tendah, and Botts talk about the war and whatnot really made me think a little differently about things. All three of those guys are cool as hell, as is BC

          I'm still ramped up! Everyone was just really cool, and it was definitely a great time.

          Oh, and Laura, you forgot Swiss on your list of Saturday night boys


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            Best time of my life.

            The weekend was great, the people were great, and the goaltending instruction was second to none (not that I will ever be able to effectively do a butterfly slide)

            Laura, hopefully your feeling better after your nap in the front lawn of Denny's

            It was great meeting everyone, and seeing a few people for the second time around.

            Jeff and Clyde, thanks for having me to your run this morning, I actually felt better after it despite me abusing liquids the night before.

            I am sure there's allot more to say, but right now I am tired, sore, and still happy as it gets that I was able to go to Rochester with everyone this weekend.


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              Post Clinic Thoughts - Initial

              As a chronology for those that did not attend the clinic and a refresher for those that did and were still in an alcohol-duced haze during the clinic, I offer the following:


              - Folks arrived in town, most meeting up in the various rooms at the Marriott. Some were held up at airports (rtolen) or by bridge jumpers (Desi). We eventually got our collective act together and walked over to Fridays for dinner. After being told a 2 hour wait was in order, Moogy and her bodyguard, Desi, arranged for us to be seated on the patio. A good time was had by all and only a small amount of food was thrown around. Gettoriceman was only mistaken as a busboy twice, which is evidently way below his average.


              - Most people arrived at the rink around 8:30ish. We milled about inside and Jukka rounded us up. We stowed our gear in the lockerrooms and headed out to the athletic field for a warmup.
              - Warmups consisted of a 2 lap (1/2 mile) warmup jog, then some easy stretching to loosen up calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, groins, upper arms, etc. Then we headed in for the first ice time.

              First Ice Time: 6 Stations on ice – one for each group
              1) Butterfly slides. Worked on properly performing b/f slides. Idea was to move from off the shooter’s axis and performs a b/f slide while squaring up to the shooter for a shot. This was, unfortunately, my downfall, since my older pads don’t rotate well and I’m rather advanced in age. I asked my knees and hips to do something with pads not designed for the purpose and felt my right knee pop twice. I dashed off to the locker room and slapped on two knee sleeves and went back for more.
              2) Alternating shots. Two shooters, take a shot from one then t-push or shuffle to square up to the other for the next shot, then repeat while moving back to the first shooter.
              3) Acrobatic Recovery Drill. Facing straight on shots, after each shot you perform a recovery maneuver before the next shot. Recoveries in order: Drop to stomach, drop to backside, double leg b/f, barrel roll. Saw some unbelievable recoveries by BigDogDaddy and Clyde.
              4) Active Hands/Controlling the Shot. Shots at you between the waist and head. Idea is to rotate catch glove from an active hands position (out in front of you) to backhand the puck and control it. Also worked on moving from the far post to square up and retreat slightly while receiving a similar shot.
              5) Yona’s Station. Three simple words – Look, Rotate, Move. Follow the puck with you eyes, move directly to it while squaring up. This gave me cause to consider the advice, as I later realized during equipment time that Yona doesn’t wear his hearing aids when he puts his mask on. He has no choice but to follow the puck all the time. Also worked on how to perform the the Look, Rotate, Move while down the b/f.
              6) Skating Drills and Balance. Couple different things here. Three more simple words – Shooters are stupid. Talked about looking down at pucks in your feet with your whole head, not just your eyes. This helps keep you from feeling off balance. Also worked on alternating leg C-cut drills.

              Lunch Break: Many thanks to Penguinman for actually bringing the PB&J. Also to the guys who brought in the fruit and stuff and to rtolen for the pizza.

              Gear Talk: After lunch Jukka and coaches lead a discussion of the various pieces of gear with chances for Q&A as well as commentary by some the resident BB gear whores. Excellent guest lectures were given by BigDogDaddy (skates), AZ (chest protector), goaltendah and AZ (gloves), and PBGas (leg pads). Spirited discussions took place on knockoff/copycat leg pads and mask issues (fit, paint jobs, etc.) Yona gave a good mask demo and concluded with the comment that, “You should sleep with your mask.”

              Goalie Room Time: Folks were give time to trade gear around or use demo pieces in the goalieroom. Special credit goes to guitargoalie for facing shots in an old Cooper two piece shoulder/arm and chest pad, and also to Clyde for having the chutzpah to put on guitargoalie’s old Cooper XL59 leg pads and then tell the shooters to “shoot like you’re actually trying to score.”

              Dryland Training: Dryland was reduced from last year. We started with a real slow one lap warmup (Jukka – “Botts, you lead the run and no one can pass you.”) and some stretches. Then we went through several ladder drills, including some with somersaults on the end which added to the many good laughs. Unfortunately, there was no time for hurdle drills (Awwww…)

              Second Ice Time: A compacted schedule gave us the chance to get through 3 of the six stations. There were as I have pieced together:
              1) Breakaways.
              2) Rebound Drill. Facing a straight on shot, perform a b/f save then perform a down push to stop rebounds.
              3) In and Out Drills. Starting on the goal line move out 15 feet and back to the goal line and then repeat. Shots come at various times while moving forward or back. Final drill was to stop a shot, perform 5 b/f’s, stop a shot, then 4 b/f’s, etc. On the final shot you have to also stop the rebound if any. Clyde, BigDogDaddy and PBGas were impressive on the last version.
              4) Balance Drill. Straddling a line, hop alternately from one leg to another while gliding forward, finshing with a b/f slide.
              5) More Breakaways.
              6) Hacky Sack Drill. Kicking pucks in the air and to each other with skates, leg pads, etc.

              After some locker room beers, we went out to the field for a final one lap run and stretch. Folks then broke for the post clinic festivities. More on that later...


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                I think the one leg-jump-skate thing is probably the most valuable drill I've seen in some time. After I was done witht hat station suddenly my butterfly slides, down pushes, and even my shuffles were much more powerful due to the mechanical insight that the leg loading portion of the one leg drill showed.

                Also, I really want to work with the guys again, Yona in particular. He wouldn't let you get away with anything done improperly, but the moment you actually did something right he congratulated you. Positive feedback ahoy!


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                  It was a great time. Everyone I talked to I have a great deal of respect for, even the people who's board personas tend to get me riled up from time to time. The scotch was great. Swiss tried to work some voodoo business proposition that still freaks me out a bit.

                  Oh, and the hockey part, well... I think I have a lot to think about. I really need to focus on three things:

                  1. Watch the puck.
                  2. Lead movements with eyes, then gloves, then body, then feet. Don't just throw my feet all over the place.
                  3. Learn to recover on my left side better.
                  4. Watch the puck.

                  I have a better idea of how to play breakaways and move from puck-to-puck better, which I think were major weaknesses in my game.

                  I also learned what it's like to be a forward in pickup hockey in the rebound drill. We got to try to score rebounds, and occasionally we made a few too many passes. Heh.

                  I have to say it was very worthwhile. I really hope more clinics sprout up from this board like the CT clinic (which I'm now really mad I couldn't/didn't attend.)


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                    Originally posted by PenguinMan
                    Also, I really want to work with the guys again, Yona in particular.
                    I know at least one other person that echoes that sentiment...


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                      Originally posted by Puddy
                      I know at least one other person that echoes that sentiment...
                      I'd deny it, but....then I'd be a liar.

                      ACK! I totally left out Swiss! You're exactly as I thought you would be, which should be taken as a compliment. I wish we'd gotten to speak a bit more, but Sloth seemed to occupy most of your time (and thus, he must be disposed of...Clyde? ). Anyway, Swiss is...I don't know....even when he's being 'a guy' or is tanked, he's classy. That's the best I can describe him. Again, hopefully we'll talk more next year (I'm offically registering NOW!!). Yet another cool person.
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                        It was great to meet all you guys from the board, and play a lil hockey on the side. It was a blast! Many thanx to the coaches and board members for organizing this.

                        I definetly learned alot :look, rotate, push and "active hands." I got that schpeal quite a few times from Yona and Rharmo (sp), and will have to work on my alligator arms.

                        Also wanna thank Desi, 3, Curt and Moogy for letting me join in on the fun in Group 4 aka Team Sportmask. Never a dull moment. Thanx guys!

                        Can't forget the extra curriculars. I hope everyone has recovered!


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                          Originally posted by goaligrl79
                          Can't forget the extra curriculars. I hope everyone has recovered!
                          A little Gatorade and I was good to go, although I didn't have as much as some others... Gotta thank Martin for that tip.

                          The drills with Jamo and Brad definitely made a huge difference. I didn't even think about "loading up" before yesterday, at least on something besides drinks


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                            Bedris and I have decided that we're going to drive up next year and show all you old farts up!


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                              Originally posted by Hall the Wall
                              Bedris and I have decided that we're going to drive up next year and show all you old farts up!
                              Amen! Salt Lake City to Rochester, here we come!