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10 best energizing songs?

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  • 10 best energizing songs?

    i need to finsh up with cd and i need like 12 more songs i already got Zombie Nation of it what eles?

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    "another useless thread by Dacotza" seems to be the case here.


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      Try some from this CD (or the CD itself)

      Stadium Songs

      It was on the "Also Recommended" section of the Amozon link from you last thread


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        Depends what kind of music you like. I prefer to listen to Chimaira or Slipknot before games. That kind of hard hitting music.


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          Nevermind, Sean beat me to the punch


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            I would surely go with "The Game" by Motorhead
            It's the theme song of Tripple H in WWE. Listen to the lyrics, it's made for sports.

            Same with "Crush 'hem" from Megadeth.
            Dave Mustain composed this song especialy for hockey, he's a season ticket holder in Phoenix and a local minor hockey team coach! Can you imagine to have a HeavyMetal icon as a coach!

            Also, a personal favorite of mine, "Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple! My own wrestling theme. I walk down to the ring on that song!

            You can also try "Mother" by Danzig. It talks about banging heads!

            I also like "Bulls on Parade" and "testify", both from Rage against the Machine.


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              If you have the time Metal Lickers - One. It has a great slow build up to a thrashing ending.

              Shortest Straw, Orion are good ones from them too.

              I also like Jack Black another Mexican car chase & George Througood Night Time


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                Rock on.

                Old School Rally


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                  ****ing hostile - Pantera

                  that one is always good.

                  I'm a big fan of pipes and drums also, but that's the Irishman talking.
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                    "(SiC)" or "The Blister Exists" from Slipknot and something like "Power Trip" or the instrumental "Implements of Destruction" from Chimaira get the pulse going, for me.


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                      I've changed my listening style the last couple of years, but Rollins Band always gets me pumped.


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                        see i looking for stuff with alot of bass but isn't someone rappin.


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                          For pregame, i like the ever popular Hells Bells, and Machinehead (by Bush)


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                            Originally posted by dacozta
                            see i looking for stuff with alot of bass but isn't someone rappin.
                            do you consider lil jon rap?lol. that always gets me pumped up fo games. what i do is i usually listen to loud wild songs on the way to the rink, and then a slower, calmer song, like one mic by nas, to help me focus for the game.


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                              I just heard these guys on the radio:


                              They're a Jamaican heavy metal band. I especially like "Nobody" and "Bruises."