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Brodeur in his own episode of Days of our Life

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  • Brodeur in his own episode of Days of our Life

    I'm sure a lot of you would've heard about Martin Brodeur's obsession with day time soap operas, in particular Days of our Life. But check this one out. It looks like he wants to live his own episode of the show.


    MONTREAL (CP) - Martin Brodeur says he won't be distracted even if details of his marital problems have been splashed on the front page of a weekly crime magazine. The cover story in this week's French-language tabloid Photo Police promised ``the whole truth'' about a Quebec goaltender, which it didn't name, having an affair with his sister-in-law and being asked for $9 million in alimony by his wife. Brodeur acknowledged to Le Journal de Montreal in a story published Saturday that he and his wife Melanie have been separated since Christmas, although he denied some of the other information in the Photo Police story. The issue apparently hasn't affected his play. Brodeur posted shutouts in New Jersey's final first-round playoff game against Boston and in the Devils' series-opening 3-0 win over Tampa Bay this week. ``I have a job to do,'' Brodeur said. ``People close to me have been watching to see how I would handle it. ``Even if there are important things happening in my life, I have a huge responsibility toward the Devils, who are paying me $8 million per season. I have to be the best goaltender possible for them.'' It has not always been easy, he added. ``Women are also capable of being mean,'' he said. ``When she calls me two hours before a game to say ``Tonight, I'm going out with a guy,' it's not easy to concentrate, especially when I know the guy. ``But let's say I know what she's trying to do.'' Brodeur did not deny having an affair with his sister-in-law, although he said she had already separated from her husband at the time. But he denied other details of the story, including that his wife surprised the lovers at an Ottawa hotel and that his wife was asking for $9 million. ``None of that is true,'' he said. Brodeur said he and his wife have not yet decided whether to make the split permanent.
    ``In life, things happen for different reasons,'' he said. ``For a time, things weren't working out. ``I made a mistake and now I have to live with it.'' It was curious that the story appeared in Photo Police, which deals mostly with crime. Brodeur has never been accused of being violent or breaking any laws. ``I have no control over things like that,'' said Brodeur. ``Maybe somebody wanted to make a little money selling the information.''

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    I kinda feel bad for the guy. But then I remember that he is a Multi-Million dollar athlete with a Stanley Cup and my sympathy goes away.


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      Two Stanley Cups.


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        Banging your sister-in-law??

        Just plain wrong!!

        Howevef, since I hate the Devils, I LOVE IT!!!


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          it could be worse (hint,hint, wink,wink)


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            My wife is drop-dead gorgeous. She has twin younger sisters who are also very beautiful.
            If things deteriorated between my wife and I, I would NEVER compound her hurt by even THINKING about her sisters. (Who are frickin' HOT, did I mention?)
            I do not feel even slightly sorry for Brodeur. No matter what his wife has done, she did not deserve that.
            And the sister has committed the ultimate betrayal. She and Brodeur deserve each other.
            There are six BILLION people on this planet. Sometimes you have to fish elsewhere.


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              What is it with celebrities and sports figures? These people get happily married in their younger days, sometimes have families then split up when one gets a taste of success. I said, "...until Death do us part." Did anyone else? Maybe pro athletes, musicians, singers, actors, etc. have different vows. It is one of the things in society that makes me sick as kids idolize these people. It makes me think of how true Eminem's "Sing" is.

              (That is a problem of mine. A health professional in his thirties who enjoys Eminem but not really rap in general. Another story.)

              Fret not general public, for lots of us follow these problematic stars as well.
              Is it any wonder the youth of today is getting confused with mixed messages, hypocrisy, political correctness, lack of physical reprimand for a meaningless timeout when kids cannot appreciate time management at that age, etc.?
              On the bright side, I will eat dinner with my wife's family, play playoff hockey, come home and watch hockey then sleep with my wife today and get to work at a job I love tomorrow. Life is good!

              Kev, statistically speaking everyone has a 75% chance of marrying someone who is Chinese or Indian.
              Personally, I feel that God (feel free to insert the diety of your choice or luck if you are an athiest) will have you in a place all your life where anyone can meet several people that can be great matches for you. Same applies if you never move or move every year. To see it any other way, for me, is too pessimistic and unrealistic.


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                Judging by his playoff performance, he looks devastated.


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                  Re: Brodeur in his own episode of Days of our Life

                  Originally posted by KingOfTheCrease
                  `When she calls me two hours before a game to say ``Tonight, I'm going out with a guy,' it's not easy to concentrate, especially when I know the guy. '
                  How great would it be if she was banging Patrick Roy?



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                    Or Corey Schwab?


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                      No, Corey Schwab only steps in for Brodeur every tenth time or so...


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                        I heard Cotton Schwab is a little "soft"!!


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                          i really do feel bad for Marty (and i'm not just saying that b/c i'm a fan), i mean he admitted he did something very wrong and he's trying to make it right, but i really don't think we as the public have any right to know what is going on in Marty or anyone else's love life.


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                            Now Kev, about those twins???

                            (watchin my team, and the TWINS!...I, LOVE, BURRITO'S AT 4 AM...)


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                              Re: Re: Brodeur in his own episode of Days of our Life

                              Originally posted by Old Swiss2
                              How great would it be if she was banging Patrick Roy?

                              He's certainly got the time for it now :-D Go wild!!!!