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JS Giguere rips on teammates

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  • JS Giguere rips on teammates

    Jean-Sebastien Giguere rips Colorado Avalanche players in postgame tirade

    Sounds like things are bad in the mile high city...

    What do you guys think?

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    Colorado is an absolute disaster the past few seasons. Its about time somebody spoke up. He shouldnt of apologized either


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      I watched that game. They looked complacent with the 1-0 lead, and Giggy has every right to call them out. Chasing on D, not playing at full speed.

      The real Flyers West


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        I've watched quite a few Aves games this year on TV. Their lack of effort on defense is atrocious considering they get paid to play. A lot of defense is effort and playing responsibly, these are two things they lack. You see bad defense that'd be considered awful in beer leagues let alone the pros. You can tell the team is divided, that most guys are playing for themselves. Unfortunately Giggy and Varly reap the consequences of that. A goalie is only as good as their D. Often the Aves, in their structure and carelessness remind me of a beer league team instead of an NHL team.
        Its unfortunate a guy like Giggy ended up in this situation, maybe this is why Andy was so adamant about getting out.


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          In the 24 hours since I heard this story, I've done a bit of a 180. At first I was all for Jiggy calling out his teammates - there are lots of young players that need to learn to embrace the notion of playing their hardest as a professional athlete, no matter what's at stake.

          But the more I think about it, I think Giguere was wrong to go public with this problem - if you don't like your teammates' focus, you make a speech in the locker room, or talk to them individually - you don't air them out to the media and let everyone know what's going on in that dressing room. That's between you and your team - not everyone else. It also throws the coach under the bench, making him look like he's completely lost his team - maybe he has, but that's not for Giguere to announce publicly.

          I agree with him in spirit, but he handled this the wrong way. There are a lot of young players on that team, and their outlook is very different from a guy like Giguere who's looking at the end of his career and trying to get the most of it. Young players need to understand that... but not by him calling them out to the public.

          Poor form.


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            Stackem, I see your point but maybe he did mention it in the dressing room already. He could have spoken up multiple times and just happened to reach his breaking point, we don't know.


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              I do understand his point as well - I feel for him, but I just see those things as a breach of team trust. It's not Giguere's place to air that out to the public, as much as it may upset him. Letting the media know about these things just isn't constructive, IMO. It may light a bit of a fire underneath the players' butts, but it's more likely to spark resentment and internal strife.

              For right or wrong, he's going to be viewed as the bitter old backup who told on his teammates to the media.


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                Sometimes just letting it all out makes you feel better:

                J.S. Giguere throwing up on ice - YouTube


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                  While I see your point, I am going to have to respectfully disagree. Reading that article, it sounds like he did try to bring this up internally, more than once. He's more than earned the right to call out any of his teammates on effort. This is a guy who has won a Stanley Cup and a Conn Smythe trophy. Backup or not, I don't think he has anything to be bitter about. I think he simply knows what it takes to win, and is saying that this team isn't making the investment.


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                    Thankfully he didn't call out specific players, that would've been over the line. I imagine the dynamic in the NHL locker room is similar to the beer league locker room, you have to earn the right to call out guys or else you'll get crushed. Giggy by credentials alone has this right, how it goes with the rest of the guys is yet to be seen, however I imagine Giggy has the f it attitude by now.
                    I wonder who has the Vegas trip planned? I imagine O'Reilly considering he just signed a new contract.
                    Btw, Sacco obviously has to go. If you have goalies calling out players (cause you know our job is primarily to shut up and stop the puck) something is fundamentally wrong.


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                      What they need to do- everyone who won't be on waivers needs to go down, regardless of name, they need to bring up the top 10 AHL guys and they are now the top 2 lines. I garentee they will work their butt off. the rest of the team who would have to go on waivers can cycle through being healthy scratches.

                      If you can't skate hard being a pro its not the coaches fault.


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                        Earlier this season Giggy mentioned, very vaguely, COL's work ethic. It wasn't directed at anyone nor super negative, but you could tell things were brewing.

                        Knowing Gigg, he's already mentioned this to his teammates and made a stink of it.

                        Colorado is an absolute mess right now. Granted Shane Obrien is one of the "Veteran" on the team. (Ha!)


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                          If you are a fan of colorado you have to be happy about this. Here is a guy on his way out hopefully making his last impression on some younger guys. I also like that he never said any one players name, and that he included himself in the failure.


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                            When a guy like Giggy backstops a team to the finals twice where they had no business, wins a cup and the conn Smyth the year they didn't win the cup...he can call out who ever he wants.

                            If he made a habit of this, then yeah...he would be a prick. But the fact when he won a cup most of the guys probably weren't in the league yet, he is the elder voice in that locker room.

                            This isn't the first time a leader in the locker room called out his team in the media. If guys were smart, they would get it in gear.

                            As far as an organization, it's a wild west crap show from what I hear. To be a prospect of theirs (goalie wise) is just a dead end at this point. I have a feeling someone is going to get tired of losing both points and money and revamp that staff top to bottom.


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                              I got to meet Giggy in his last year in Toronto, after a game vs. Atlanta. He is a total class act, and even on a night where he was the backup he was one of the guys busting the most *** in the weight room after the game.

                              After 15 years in the league, with a resume like his, he can say whatever he wants. Totally valid.