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    Hello children, guess what time it is! It's time for another how-to-paint a goalie mask thread. I know I said that the next mask I paint would be a Reverse Flash mask, but I've been busy painting other not goalie mask things (seadoo windshield, for example) and am still designing it. So this will be the next mask I paint.

    All the client said was that he wanted a monster of some kind, using the colours of his pads (dark blue, yellow and white) and maybe a Biosteel logo somewhere. He provided me with a few pics of Pekka Rinne's mask, along with Vesa Toskala's Toronto skull mask. He didn't want a direct copy, just something original in that style. So I just kept drawing monsters until I was satisfied with something, taking bits and pieces from each design I did. I sent him a couple of sketches and he was happy with everything but these bat wings that I had coming out of the monster's temples. He thought they were fish gills so I replaced them with horns and he was happy. Then he mentioned if I could have it breaking/stretching through the mask so I incorporated that into the design and he loved it.

    My digital drawing skills suck so my designs are just meant to get my point across to the client, which he understood. And for some reason I thought that he had purple and yellow gear so that's why the face is purply. The final paint will be bluey. This is what I came up with:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    As always, the first step is disassembly. The mask is a CCM 1.9 (I think). The padding isn't removeable on this mask so I'm going to just mask it up. Once it's disassembled then it's sanded with 600 grit wet sandpaper, followed by scuffing with a red scotch-brite pad. It's important to make sure you scuff all of the edges and the inside edges of the vent holes so the paint won't chip off later.

    The CCM logos what were on the forehead and sides weren't stickers. I think they were just thin paint, as they sanded right off which is great! It saves me the hassle of having to cover them with white paint. Dry everything off and wipe it down with precleaner (wax and grease remover, I use PPG DX330) and then mask everything up. I completely cover the interior of the mask with tape and paper. Overspray can deteriorate the padding and it just looks bad when it's done. Having said that, some overspray usually gets on the edges of the foam no matter what I do.

    The next step will be to lay down some transfer tape, sketch the rips and tears (they'll be staying white), cut them out and then start painting. Before the mask was sanded and prepped I drew the monster on the shell just to see how my design would transfer onto the curved surface. I used a Stabillo pencil which is a waxless/greaseless coloured pencil that wipes away easily and leaves no residue so I don't have to worry about fish eyes or wrinkling or anything later on. You can even paint over it with no problems. And even if the surface was scuffed, it would still wipe away easily.

    I'll use these photos for reference so I know where to put things. I might try fiddling with the way the hands are tilted, and I'm definitely going to change the tears.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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