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  • Mask Painters Based in the US

    Does anyone have a list of mask painters based in the USA? Or can someone recommend one? I have a fairly simple design, and looking for a decent artist, not top-dollar, but not a slop-job either. Hopefully in the $400 area...Thanks!
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    Mike Fisher in Los Angeles has done two masks for me. He is nothing short of awesome and prices your job on the complexity of design and amount of work for him. He is pretty booked, but if you are not in a great rush, you will get a great paintjob.


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      Hey, thanks for the reply. Looks good. I've narrowed it down to two, Detroit Air and Masked Expressions, both look to be very good artists, and gave reasonable price quotes in the $300-600 range, and reasonable turnaround time of a few weeks. Some other artists I contacted started only at $800-1000 and had to book months in advance (gimme a break!)


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        I've gone to Tony at Masked Expressions twice now, and I've been more than satisfied both times. I've usually given him a bunch of ideas (starting with a theme) and he's gone with it from there. He's reasonably priced and communicates throughout the process. This last time, I even purchased the mask through him.

        I couldn't be happier with him.

        Good luck!


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          Yea, Tony's communication is outstanding. I'm most likely gonna go with him. But Bob from Detroit Air was a close second.