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Graf Skate Blades / Cowling Replacement

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  • Graf Skate Blades / Cowling Replacement

    I have 2 different pairs of Graf cowlings with replaceable blades, one was from a G7500 and the other is just a empty cowling I bought on ebay (new). I finally mounted my G50 boot on the ebay cowling today, and noticed the front end of the skate blade is a little loose, the blade kind of pushes in when I step on the toe. I tightened the bolt, and it helped a little, but still was a little unstable. I removed the blades from both my new cowlings and my G7500, and noticed that the holders on the blades were not the same (??) (See pics)

    As far as I know, Graf only makes one cowling with removable blades, so I'm really confused why the blades wouldn't be identical. Any ideas? Did Graf mess up? Or since I got these cowlings off ebay, maybe the previous owner put some different blades in there? Or does Graf have factories in Canada and Switzerland, and maybe they are slightly different?

    When I put the G7500 blades on the ebay cowling, it's fine, no problems. So it's for sure the blades, not the cowling.

    Also even the bolt head is slightly different size. One is slightly larger than the other, ie: they aren't interchangeable.

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    If I had to guess, I think your last question answers this - Graf Canada vs Graf Swiss. I've seen threads about how the latest Graf skates solved a problem with the bolts, which might also explain why there are two different bolts.

    I also have the issue with the fronts of my blades being a little loose, but it's only when my skates are cold. The blades snug up if I keep my skates (G5500) inside on the overnight before a game instead of in the garage or truck. Last week I had an issue where I was trying to tighten my one skate and the bolt started spinning. I actually felt the cowling bulge a little, indicating that the cowling is flexing. As much as I love my Graf's, I am thinking new cowlings are going to be in order.


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      I ordered some Step Steel anyway to try it out, so hopefully that blade fits ok. I've been using the G7500 for the last 1.5 years and have no problem with the cowling at all, I like it actually, but just really hate the stiff boot. I wore my G50's tonight, and it felt great to step into a comfortable boot again . My plan is to have the G50 boot on the new Graf cowling with some Step Steel. I have high hopes/expectations for this, so hopefully it works out