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  • Updating Heatons

    I want to do an update to my h10s and put a modern knee block and calf wrap on them to get better slides and maybe even add a bit of thigh rise to them. Anyone know of anyone that could do these modifications? Thanks.

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      I can vouch for Sara- she did a great reface of my blocker.


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        Sara does great work and is very responsive. I'd use her

        Stay away from Monster! He makes a nice product but is terrible too work with and got too big for his own capacity.

        PM for my horror story


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          I would Sara or JT terio at Sewzall if he can fit you in...

          Jeff at Monster does make decent stuff but is struggling with health issues and can't meet demand in a timely fashion as mentioned above


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            Didn't know his issues were health related, so I feel bad. I didn't mean any disrespect

            However, he shouldn't commit to things and completely blow customers off. Especially when he's constantly on IG and clearly using his phone.


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              Agreed. Big reason I left was the issues similar to what you had


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                I am looking for a pair of donor pads to do the same thing to an old pair of Koho's. I would like to try this on my own, with my trusty sewing awl.
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                  Almost anyone who makes repair parts could make your ILP and your calf wrap to sew into or over the binding. Doing it yourself would save you LOTS of time AND money. I have relocated ILPs on my Vortek to aid in better rotation.

                  old G I have to look at your pix.


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                    @ old G I would just get what you needed from PAW, as it seems anything cheap enough to be "donor" would be pretty spent. Awesome pads you have!


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                      Yup, old Patrick Roy Koho's. It would be strictly for fun and therefore want to put the least amount of money in the project. Time I have. I do not expect them to outperform anything new. I got my eye on a pair of $40 used pads, that I will try to negotiate down, that might do the trick.