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"Senior" Gloves vs "Pro"? Help!

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  • "Senior" Gloves vs "Pro"? Help!

    I'm considering picking up a set of Louisville Bionic Gloves (circa 2006) to match my current set of 2006 Bionics but they're advertised as "Senior" whereas my current set doesn't have a "Senior" tag. Can you tell me if there is a difference? Are my current ones considered "pro" and the "senior" pair a level below? Any help would be appreciated, cheers!

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    Can you post a pic? I don't remember the Bionic having SR and PRO versions, I think they were all PRO (?) Maybe the "Senior" was just to differentiate from INT or JR models (?)


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      I'm nearly positive they only had Sr., Int. and Jr. gloves. The way things are marketed these days with 4+ models of every senior item is ridiculous. I miss the good 'ol days.


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        Pretty sure Bionics were pro level. People loved the catch from what I remember.


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          Thanks for the responses gentlemen! I can't seem to get it to post the pics I have but I'm pretty confident that the Senior tag must be the highest level, even though mine does not have a tag. Possibly b/c mine was bought in Canada and I'm buying an American version? Who knows... I like the glove so much I'm going to buy it twice! Cheers!
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