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  • How to fix skate

    Hi, I hitted my skate with other skate heel when desperately closed five hole. Skate is Bauer Reactor 4k. Any suggestions how to fix this?
    Hole in Bauer reactor 4k
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    Maybe brush some toe guard or toe protector on it.


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    I would go ahead and go with what Bassai said, you could use some shoe glue its what i used when i would tear up my sneakers when i was into skate boarding when i was younger. They have shoe glue, toe guard and so on. Basically you want to get a water proof cement or some thing like that. Its not going to look the nicest depending on what color you buy. I am not to sure about how regular shoe glue would do in the ICE RINK elements, but i never had any issues in the winter when i had the stuff on my sneakers.


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      Yeah old school toe guard would do the trick. Shoe glue works well on gear, I've used tons of it over the years on my equipment (I do my own repairs and mods). For something like this, a canvas patch kit from a camping store would work as well.


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        Thats good to hear, now i know i can go ahead and keep the shoe glue tradition alive with my hockey gear!