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CCM 500 Intermediate Gear - problems

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  • CCM 500 Intermediate Gear - problems

    Hey folks!

    Anyone had any issues with the durability of this line of gear?

    The catcher is a year old... The chest protector 4 months, and the goalie pads he got for Christmas but didn't wear them until January...

    I've emailed CCM/Reebok to inquire, but I'm not impressed with the durability issue so far... I've put Gorilla tap over the cracking in the catcher, and over the holes in the soft leather at the base of the feet... /sigh
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    While I can't speak for the durability of the CCM line, I currently have Reebok 18k pads and a glove, all in Intermediate.. No major wear areas to note, to be honest...


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      Ya, he previously had 19K pads with no issues at all... Not really impressed. Have contacted CCM/Reebok and both sellers of his pads and trapper... Waiting to hear back.


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        Not a big fan of CCM/Reebok. they play well, but for durabilitywell... i repair tons of it. Do like my son and me did: Try some other gear. We swithced to Passau and Brian's. My son was a big fan of Reebok like everyone. He tried my Brian's gear being very skeptical, but i had to buy new gear for myself as he didn't want to switch back! A lot of people ask me about the gear i wear because we are not too many and i am happy to switch gear with a goalie that has my fit, and most of the time i have to pry my gear of their hands...


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          Strange. Where do you store them? If someplace cold, like the garage, it might explain the cracking (?) And if the boots of the pads don't dry properly, it could explain the wear (?) But I'm with you, even for price-point gear, it shouldn't be falling apart so fast. My kid has a CCM 400 intermediate blocker for 1 year, and it's holding up just fine.


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            Save your money and go Mckenney or Simmons or Boddam. Quality top notch and service is better. They build for retail so you don't have to wait for an order too long unless you go custom which I doubt if it's intermediate gear...they grow too fast


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              Equipment is always stored inside... It gets cold up here! And it's always aired out. I still havent heard anything back from CCM on this...Sent them a second email. If no response by next I'll be calling them directly...


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                Does your son wear toe ties attached on top of the skate? Or he really cranks that boot strap very hard... The catcher i can't really explain, i've had a few P4 that all ripped where the cuff meets the break in the mitt but your mitt is the worst i've seen. I guess he wears the glove real tight on his hand and he flexes the top part of the glove on his pads to get this kind of damage. Yes CCM gear wears fast but this is far too much damage for a short period of time.