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  • Long Island Skate Sharpening

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a place to get my skates sharpened by an experienced guy who knows what he's doing...

    I play pretty aggressive and there's a lot of lateral movement in my game so I like a really deep hollow on my skates, I've been getting a 3/8" radius for a long time, and I did some experimenting at 5/16"

    I had two different guys at superior doing my skates, one moved and one got fired, so out of desperation I tried the proshop at iceworks, and they might as well have been engraving a key on my skates, and I tried a few different guys at the Rinx, and had no success,

    Some recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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    Try Hockey Underground at 145 Milbar Av. in Farmingdale.


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      Good idea, will do