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  • Chest Protector Arm Shortening

    Got my chest protector about two months ago and the arms on it are just too long...I always feel like the cuffs are pushing my blocker/catcher off my hands. I have taken a couple shots off the elbow too, and I was hoping that shortening them up would help me keep it a little tighter. I'm really picky about my gear and I didn't want it to look like the bride of Frankenstein if I started trying to stitch it together, so I brought it to my parent's house for a visit today and my Mom did an awesome job altering it for me so it looks legit.



    Tried it on with my glove and blocker, and it's significantly more comfortable now.

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    This is exactly what I was looking for (luckily I searched lol)!

    I have a Bauer Elite and want to shorten the arms a bit. How much did you shorten it by and how is the durabilty of the hem job holding up?


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      I've played 4 times in it since the arms were shortened, and it's been working great, holding up solid. I thought the pinched in section would rub on my arm pits, but I have zero problems with it once I'm on the ice. I think the key to doing it right, in terms of durability, is lots of extra stitches...we took it in about an inch and a half, pinned it where we wanted it, then on the black binding areas we stitches that part like 12 times at the top and bottom edges of the arm went back and forth three times across the width of the arm. Very thorough. Took about an hour, I helped her with pushing/pulling the needle through the thicker parts, and she did most of the actual stitches to ensure that it still looked clean. Thanks for checking out the post, glad it helped!


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        Awesome! Thanks for the input!

        Don't have time to do it my self so just dropped it off at my local shop and told them what I want done. Need to take it in about 1". Cost me $10 lol.


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          Here is a really easy way to change the arm length if your c/a has laced in arms:

          (Pic taken from this thread:

          If your c/a does not have laced in arms, you could make the arms laced in.


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            I did the same thing as GoaliePhil. First I tried just adding two more eyelets but it wasn't as effective as I had hoped. I ended up pulling off the secondary shoulder pad and shifting the eyelets down an inch and forward about an inch and quarter. Then I reattached the pad a bit lower and curved them around the arms, which is where they really belong IMHO. I'll add pics if you want clarification, it's worth the time for a good fit. If something isn't quite right while you're in the crease, fix it. It's hard enough playing goal, any distractions just compound things.


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              I've had to do this with my two chest protectors (Brown / Bauer Pro) - for the Brown I had to have the cuff shortened because the elbow pads were in the right place, but the arms were still too long. Took it to a shoe shop to get it done, looks like it came out of the factory that way. The Bauer I simply did what the OP did and sewed up that slack because the elbows weren't in the right place and needed to be moved up. Been holding up so far. I was worried about the stitching ripping the nylon, so I put some fabric in between to try to reinforce that area a little bit. Don't know if it actually helps but the stitching hasn't come out yet and I've been playing in it since February or so.


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                I'm going to have to do this. I always felt the arms on my 5500 were a bit long, but not terrible enough to require modding. But I bought a Beast blocker, and this must be a newer version than what I have, because the cuff seems much longer. I have to cram my hand into it just to get into the palm, which pushes the cuff and elbow floater together, and it constantly feels like my blocker will be pushed off.


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                  Picked up an RBK 6K chesty recently and found the arms to be too long for my liking so I ended up ripping out the arms in my other chest protector and used it. After seeing this thread I took the plunge and bought an eyelet pliers so I can put in my own eyelets in the original 6k arms. Here is the results

                  I put in the eyelets at the lowest possible position

                  While lacing it in, I actually had to fold in the original eyelets because they were just flapping around too much. This might actually help as the eyelets that came with the pliers wasn't very strong by the looks of it.

                  Here is the before and after

                  Seems to be ok, going to be playing tomorrow night and will see if it works or not.

                  In hindsight, I think I didn't have to buy the eyelet pliers, I could have just bought this
                  Eyelets - Lee Valley Tools

                  Let me know if the pictures don't work, still getting the hang of posting pictures...


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                    with my brown sewn in arms i just added a few rows of eyelets. each row was about an inch to an inch and a half apart. 4 or 5 eyelets. then i laced one skate lace through all the eyelets, then pulled it snug as i could. took less than 5 min to do. shortened it right up. got the idea from an itech chesty (prodigy i think) that used a similar system on their adjustable arms. they used a bungee cord instead of a skate lace...


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                      I was planning on grabbing this:

                      Dritz Eyelet Plier Kit: Crafts :

                      Anyone know if this is good enough for a C/A? When they say "crafts", it always makes it sound cheap. Also, what size eyelets are people putting in their C/As, 1/4"?
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                        Originally posted by hateclowns View Post
                        I was planning on grabbing this:

                        Dritz Eyelet Plier Kit: Crafts :

                        Anyone know if this is good enough for a C/A? When they say "crafts", it always makes it sound cheap. Also, what size eyelets are people putting in their C/As, 1/4"?
                        I bought 7/16" for mine, I think the quality of the eyelet is more important than the pliers. One thing to note, it was hard to be able to crimp the eyelets because of the limited length of the pliers. If you see mine, the eyelets weren't crimped flush as I had to fold the fabric to get the teeth to reach. I think if you go to a professional, they have a larger tool that will be able to reach further into the fabric.

                        Just as an update, after one game, I've found that the elbow floaters are now interfering with the front chest floaters and I can now barely reach my mask with my hands. The forums here suggest that this is an inherent issue with the 6K c/a to begin with but I think I might have pulled them up too much and made them worse. I am not thinking of using elastic straps to secure the arms to give me some stretch. Will keep working on it.


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                          I'm bumping an old thread here, but does anyone have experience with shortening arms from the elbow down?

                          I have ridiculously short arms, and Sr Small are a couple inches too long, but Intermediate arms aren't protective enough for even the women's leagues I play in.

                          Basically what I'm thinking is opening up the forearm, cutting off some of the plastic, shortening the fabric and sewing it back together.


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                            i recently purchased a vaughn vision 9400 c/a. the unit has sewn in arms, so there are no adjustments possible like with eyelets. the elbows were in the correct place but the forearms were a little too long and interfering with both my blocker and catcher. i opened up some seams, cut down some of the foam padding and stitched it back up. now everything fits well.


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                              Thanks for the input so far! One of my friends makes fun of me calling me t-rex all the time because my arms are so short. She on the other hand has gorilla arms!