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Warrior Swagger pads, gloves, pants review

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  • Warrior Swagger pads, gloves, pants review

    The swagger line uses pro level materials but they are made overseas. Other brands use cheaper materials in their overseas gear. This way you get pro level gear at a lower price (they didn't tell me specific prices yet), but you won't be able to customize your Swagger gear. The demo gear I have was made overseas but is still a sample product. The production model will be slightly lighter and more flexible. There may be other minor changes.

    The Messiah line will be made locally and offer full customization. It will be priced similar to other pro level customized gear.
    The weave pattern on the outsides of the pad, the middle graphic on the front of the pads and on the gloves is sublimated (fancy printing that won’t wear off) on a nylon material, cordura I believe. The Messiah line also uses this material as part of their graphics, and Warrior plans to make it customizable for the Messiah line. Both lines are designed in-house by Warrior, in their offices in Montreal (the city, not the company). The person in charge of gear development is an ex-goalie, and the guy designing the gear still plays in nets.

    I will be comparing the gear to my Brian’s Thief gear from ~3 years ago, which was made to the older sizes, and are not NHL legal. Putting them side by side, you can see how there really is no appreciable difference in size and it makes you wonder how the NHL thought this would have an impact on scoring. IMHO it was more a symbolic change than a real effort to increase scoring. Here is the link for my Thief review:

    More pictures in next post since I'm over the limit.

    Blocker- 1 5/8 LBS (Brian’s Thief non-NHL legal 1 ¾ LBS)

    A blocker is almost always a blocker. Warrior has added a few nice twists to the modern blocker. They have added some foam to the palm, thumb, and pointing finger to reduce vibrations on hard shots. The side wall can be adjusted to contour closer to the wrist, or stay farther away. Lastly, the outside bottom of the blocker has been pushed a little frontwards so the blocker will sit comfortably, and flush with the ice, if you choose to do a paddle-down save.
    Finger protection is solid, with wrap around protection on the pinky and pointing finger. There is also an extra piece behind the sidewall to help protect pointing finger and knuckle (similar to RBK). It did not get in the way at anytime. The soft foam between the back of the hand and the blocker surface is large and soft.

    Catcher- 2 1/8 LBS (Brian’s Thief non-NHL legal 2 ½ LBS)

    The cuff is angled to help stop those pesky shots that go over the glove and beside the shoulder (7 hole?). The palm protection seems better than other gloves, but I haven't taken any shots there yet. The glove was soft enough to close as soon as I received it. It has a nice seal when closed and also fits flush with the ice when you cover the puck. The protection on the back of the hand was well placed and can fully open for drying.
    I feel that the swagger glove is better at hanging onto the puck than my non-NHL legal Brian`s Thief, despite the Thief having a deeper pocket. Of course that could just be the placebo effect of having new gear- that extra little jump you get from feeling special in new gear.
    The design of the pocket is very similar to the Thief, but the theif is much deeper as it is not NHL legal. It is much easier to play the puck with the Swagger glove than the Thief. Once the puck was in the pocket of the Thief, it was hard to get out, even just to hand to the ref.

    Pads- 5 ½ LBS, Prodction model should be slightly lighter (Brian’s Thief non-NHL legal 2 5/8 LBS)

    They are a 33+1" and the overall length is about 1" smaller than my ~3 year old stock Brian's 34” Thief pads (although the Thief’s are 12” wide instead of 11”). Knee placement and boot length are identical between the Swaggers and Thiefs. The demo pads I have are RBK stiff, but the production ones are supposed to be softer. They have a nice curve to them and my b-fly closes better than my Thief pads. The inside bottoms have a rounded edge to prevent premature rotation. The toe bridge is the same stle as RBK.
    The top 2 straps are nylon and use quick clips. The top strap can either be attached to the top of the pad, same as old school pads, or lower on the knee, same as most modern pads. The foot strap uses the quick-replace style as first used in the Vaughn Epic series.
    The knee stacks are made of 2 different sized blocks that are velcroed in place. This way you can choose the height that best fits your style.
    The inside calf wraps are RBK style, with the extra piece at the bottom to protect your foot, should you ever choose to do a classic Grant Fuhr kick save to get the fans back into the game. There is no outside calf wrap. The calf wedge is large, Bauer/Koho style. The calf channel has an inside lock the can be velcroed closed. The outside rolls are very hard foam and angled slightly inwards. The knee rolls are a medium foam, and small. There is space between the middle roll and the upper and lower rolls. This was done to give the pads a unique style. I found it strange at first but the look has grown on me.
    The demo pads shipped with thigh guards, but they are working on an integrated knee protector alternative.


    Very light, very flexible, not at all bulky. They use stretchy material at the back of the thighs to increase mobility. The inner thigh protection is mostly kept to the front of the legs and doesn’t clutter up farther back like RBK does. I think this is a better solution as I've never been hit inside my thigh or at the back of my thigh. Hard to get hit there when in a b-fly.

    There are inside foam pads on either side of the thigh to help keep the pants flared and centered. They are not as bulky as the RBK, and offer enough room for todays large knee pads. It also has a flap to lace in knee protectors.

    There are no front hip-flaps, but it's not an issue. When in the b-fly, the large thigh protectors shift upwards and overlap the side hip protectors when the pants contact the pads/straps/knee lock when in the b-fly. My RBK do that as well. My c/a (V3 7500) covers the rest. I wear the c/a outside the pants.

    They are a medium and they fit pretty snug (I'm a 34" waist). I use suspenders because I needed them for my RBK pants (size large), but I dont think I really need them on the Swaggers.

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      Not sure if I like them...The boot bothers me drastically!
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        So, these are the pre-production models? How stiff are the leg pads?


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          Had a chance to check these out a few months ago. (also pre-production models) Very impressed with the whole set.


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            The set looks very nice. I don't like huge sidewalls on blockers and the calf wrap/ outside rolls whatever you want to call it seems to be a little overkill on the pads. Nice review.
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              In terms of looks, these things are miles ahead of the Messiahs. Damn those things are ugly.

              I actually think these are pretty sharp, a simplified-Koho design with a bit of Vaughn thrown in.


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                Originally posted by Ingram View Post
                Not sure if I like them...The boot bothers me drastically!
                What's not to like? In fact, what's to like? It's one of the most generic parts of a leg pad IMHO.


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                  Originally posted by StaubersGC View Post
                  So, these are the pre-production models? How stiff are the leg pads?
                  Yes, pre-production. They are currently RBK stiff. There is some flex in the thigh rise, above the knee rolls. Production ones are supposed to be a little softer.


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                    Quick question

                    Are the Swagger leg pads closer to a RBK or Vaughn in terms of style? After next season Ill probably need new pads and the Warriors interest me. I just don't no if their rolled or flatter.

                    And how do the gloves compare to the Epic 8600s? They only can last till the end of the season probably.


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                      Look decent, that graphic does truly suck though.


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                        These look MUCH better than the other set that was reviewed.


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                          Originally posted by Cali Goalie 33 View Post
                          Are the Swagger leg pads closer to a RBK or Vaughn in terms of style? After next season Ill probably need new pads and the Warriors interest me. I just don't no if their rolled or flatter.

                          And how do the gloves compare to the Epic 8600s? They only can last till the end of the season probably.
                          I hate to compare to Vaughn or RBK because it's really it's own thing but if we absolutely have to compare, it's like the coverage, rebound control, sharpness and rotation of a RBK with comfort and steadiness of a Vaughn because of the knee cradle and the leg channel. The best of both worlds really !

                          As for trapper, closer to the Velo then to the Epic. And if you're gonna switch pads and trapper, you might as well go for the blocker too. It's got lots of coverage because of the one piece front and side construction. The bottom flares to ease paddle down and it's got crazy mobility for those who like to handle and shoot the puck.

                          For those who doubt... yes I have tried the gear. Being from Montreal, I know the right people.


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                            Ok thanks man. And I probably woludnt get the pads anyways since it's gonna be another year before I get a new set in all likelyhood. Gloves look good though.


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                              I don't care what anyone says, those things look awesome.