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Nike/Bauer One95 Goalie Pants

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  • Nike/Bauer One95 Goalie Pants

    I searched around and didn't find a review thread for the Bauer One95 Goalie pants, so I thought I'd start one. I bought these pants about four weeks ago and I've played about 20 to 25 games in them so far.

    I'm not really sure just what one would say about pants (or as everyone is calling them around these parts, breezers). They seem kind of like a blocker, you only notice it when it's NOT working. I suppose the best compliment that I can give the pants then is that I really don't notice them when I'm playing.

    My last pants were way too small for me, but I just didn't know any better. They were Brian Beasts, I believe. But after getting enough bruises on my thighs through the pants, I decided it was time for an upgrade. The bruises were something of a badge of honor at first, but that wore off pretty quick.


    When I first got these, they seemed HUGE, but like I said, I was used to ones that were too small. Although the sizing chart says I should be an XL, I just couldn't do it. If I had an XL there'd be room for another goalie in there with me. I'm 6'3", 34" waist (Levi size), 34" inseam. The legs could, conceivably be an inch or two longer, but it's not too bad.

    It took a while to figure out how tight to tie the front and pull the belt strap. The first time I pulled everything way too tight and I could barely get in my stance. The next time I left things so loose that it kept pulling away from my lower back in my stance and there was a draft going down there. Do you know how distracting it is to feel like your pants are falling down through a game?

    Suspenders really fixed all of this. Keeps everything in place just perfect. I think the pants have also broken in some. The first time I wore them, I thought I was going to suffocate as I tied my skates. It's still uncomfortable to bend that far, but they've completely disappeared on the ice.

    On The Ice Performance

    They have this funky multi-layered protection system at the bottom of each leg. There's a piece that comes out from the bottom of the leg and then there's a knee protector that's attached to that. The first piece is permanently attached to the pants. The knee protector is attached via velcro. Hopefully the pictures below will explain this better than I can.

    I was worried that this system was going to catch on my thigh boards. This was a common occurrence with my old pants and it looked like there was even more opportunity with these. I was hoping that, with the knee protectors, I might be able to shed the thigh boards.

    I was very happy to find out that my tight boards almost never get caught up in this. Well, the first two times out were a bit perplexing, but that faded quickly. Perhaps once or twice during a practice when I was going up and down constantly for over an hour. It's been so infrequent that I've decided to leave my thigh boards on. Why not keep the extra protection? (My pads are Vaughn Epic 8600 36+1.)

    The pants can get a little clamy inside. They're lined with a very smooth synthetic material. It doesn't soak up water, and it dries quickly. Very important if you've got two games in one day.

    I've started wearing my C/A inside my pants and tying them together. I wear the suspenders on the outside of the C/A. Wearing the C/A inside the pants raised the temperature of things a bit, but everything stays in place perfectly, there's no chance for pucks to sneak in at some odd angle, and there is zero interference between my C/A and my pants. (My C/A is also a Vaughn Epic 8600, size large).


    It's a bit early to say how the longevity is going to be. There is some minor fraying of the material on the knee protectors, but that's where the velcro from the knee locks on my pads hits them. I can't really fault Bauer for that. Otherwise, they seem to be well built.

    Over all, I'm very happy with them and have recommended them friends.
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    Great review, pretty much sums up my thoughts so I don't have too much to add. I decided I wanted to go back to pants with knee guards attached to them. I always liked the idea. NB claims that these are still legal even though I think the NHL rules state that knee pads can not be attached to pants... Maybe it meant that they can't be permanently attached/sewn into the pants. These pants have them velcro'd in so maybe that legalizes them? Not really sure but I love the fact that they attach to pants.

    I generally dislike knee pads and thighboards. I dislike thighboards because they cause my butterfly to suffer and be uncomfortable. Knee pads I find are much better but I generally have to strap them fairly tight to prevent them from sliding. I also do not like too much bulk around my knees either because it hinders my mobility. Being a smurf, mobility is key to my success.

    The knee pad integration on this pant is great. I once owned the Luongo pant and those knee pads are much heavier duty and insanely bulky. The knee pads on the Luongo pant can not move since it is sewn to the pant, so the knee pants wont move up and down with your leg, not an issue with the One95 pant since they are designed intelligently to move up and down with your leg. The knee cap that of this pant wraps around your knee well and you don't really notice the strap at all, which is nice. So far I've only taken one shot off the knee, it was a deflection from a point-shot and it hit but no pain. Yay.

    I must say that they do feel rather bulky around the waste and hips. There is a lot of padding in that area and I feel/look like a sumo-wrestler with the pants on. I used to wear a medium sized pant but with these pants I moved up to a large so I could comfortably tuck my CA in. They work well, the pants ride up high enough on the sides so I don't really need suspenders to keep the CA tucked in.

    So far very please with these pants, gives me extra blocking area without noticeably hampering my mobility while offering top notch knee/thigh protection.


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      I 2nd and 3rd that!!

      I would have to say that these pants fit and feel great. I am 6'3 220 lbs and bought an XL. I wanted to go with the Large but I am happy I didn't. I wear my C/A inside the pants and I am not sure if I would have been comfertable in a size smaller.

      I too felt that maybe these pants would NEVER break in but they have. I felt like I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen when trying to tie my skates...wasn't feeling to happy at that point. When I got on the ice however I had noo issues of movement. I would say after about the 4th time out they feel much more flexible then out of the box.

      I have a new set of One95 gear head to toe (Minus the C/A I wear a John Brown). In my old leg pads (Bauer Supreme Pro CUJO) I had the thigh guards on there and I wore them tucked into my pants. I had an old pair of D** S****** pants (Don't know what model) but I bought them way too big and the thigh boards were able to fit no problem. Every now and then they would pop out and I would just push them back in. In the new pants though with the One 95 leg pads by thigh boards would not fit inside the pants so I had to try to wear them outside. This didn't work. Every time I went down into the butterfly they would get stuck in the pants and I wouldn't be able to get up until I took my glove or blocker and kind of slide them out. This was annoying.

      I decided after trying to strap the thigh board looser and tighter to just take them off since these pants came with Knee Pads. I have never worn knee pads before so I was very skeptic. I need to tell you all though that I am VERY happy I switched. I have had no issues and I have been hit there 2 times with no stingers at all.

      Overall I am very happy with these pants and for that matter every piece of One 95 gear I ordered (Leg pads, Glove, Blocker, Pants, Pro Cup, Skates). If anyone has any questions about the gear please PM me any time. I am surprised more people don't wear this gear. IT is very high quality. I guess some people just think since it is made over seas they don't think they will be getting a good quality pad. You watch though...there has been so much rave about the new X60 and X50 gear people will be all over it because the pros are wearing it and all of a sudden the gear made over seas will be high quality. Funny how it works when pros are wearing the gear Just thought it was weird not a lot of them wear the One 95 any more. Probably because they want to really market the X60 now.

      OK enough of my ranting... BYE BYE


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        Are they anything like the vapor XXX?? i had vapors and they ripped halfway into the season.


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          I get the same fraying on the thigh guard material on my One75's. I still love the pants but might send them to get better material on the thigh guards. The were the extra something that made me buy NikeBauer goalie pants.


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            hey just wondering what size you actually got for your high i have the samje waist i tried a medium on length is good i just dunno if i could tuch my c/a into it.


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              Great...I am glad you posted this because I just picked up a pair from the monkey for a really cheap price. It was either get 70 dollar RBK kneepads and keep my old and wore out Vision 5500 or go with these and the knee pads come built in.

              I will add some to this when they get here which should be within next week.


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                how did the knee pads work on these for you?


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                  NBH goalie pants / breezers

                  I use Bauer Supreme Pro goalie pants and have been very satisfied with their performance and protection. Great review and insight from other members !!


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                    i have the supreme xxx, which is pretty much the same as the one95s. The pants fit quite large but if you tuck your c/a and/or wear suspenders (i do both), its pretty comfy, snug and protective.

                    In terms of the knee protection, the knee pads that came with the pants suck. Maybe its because i don't know how to wear them, but they always seem to slip up, so they're just covering the knees from shots, but not cushioning your knees when landing. They're also quite small in size i think.

                    I instead took them out and put it some grey rbk knee pads, and if you wear them properly, its bloody fantastic. At first it was even worse but i realised that i was landing on the plastic thigh protector and not the knee parts (which is like a cushion).

                    So yeah, if you're looking at these pants just because of the knee protection, they're probably not that great. Everything else is alright, just not the actual knee protectors. I'd recommend them if you can grab it at the clearance prices!


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                      i had it for close to a season, good pants but i swapped it with a RBK pro, (i needed a blue one, the nike was black),
                      the only problem i had with the one 95 is stiffness, it never really broke in nicely.
                      In comparison with the RBK, it's a pair of steel shorts.



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                        I have the One95 pants in a Large Red. I took out the belly flap and cinched the pants as tight as possible. I wear them with suspenders and my C/A on the outside. They fit perfect with room to breathe and flex. The first couple of hours with them they were extremely stiff. I actually had to put my skates on first then put my pants on because I couldn't bend over far enough to tie the skates. One good thing about this is my skates were nice and tight and not floppy loose like used to sometimes happen when I would be in a hurry.

                        In regards to the knee protection, I love it. They cover the tops of your knee and thigh when in the butterfly and if you land on the knee wings from the pads there is more than enough cushioning. I feel protected enough that I don't wear thigh boards or thigh wraps.

                        This isn't Bauer's fault, but I have had to have my knee's restitched around the internal plastic knee cap. The velcro knee lock from my pads caught and frayed the stitching on the knee pad and caused the stitch to drop out all the way around. $6 fix at a local shoe repair shop.


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                          does the knee pad part slip up the knee when in a butter fly at all? this would be a concern too me.


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                            i have the same pants, i found that the knee protection wasn't close to sufficient with at the time were ps2 pads and now ps3 pads. What i ended up doing was a cut the bottom half off of my vaughn 8000 knee pads and had them sewn on to the bottom of the knee pads on my pants. Worked perfect, kept the knee pads in place, no tape required and give great protection. I did that on my first set of one95 pants, and now have done it to my second pair of the pants.


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                              Originally posted by HockeyPride2035 View Post
                              i have the same pants, i found that the knee protection wasn't close to sufficient with at the time were ps2 pads and now ps3 pads. What i ended up doing was a cut the bottom half off of my vaughn 8000 knee pads and had them sewn on to the bottom of the knee pads on my pants. Worked perfect, kept the knee pads in place, no tape required and give great protection. I did that on my first set of one95 pants, and now have done it to my second pair of the pants.
                              I don't mean to hijack the thread but any chance you could show pics of this? It sounds like a good solution to a constant problem for many (effective and comfy knee/thigh protection)

                              I have these pants coming as an Xmas gift and figured I would need to mod the knee pads one way or another. I however, really liked the pants when trying them on at the store.