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CCM Carey Price Limited Edition Set Review

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  • CCM Carey Price Limited Edition Set Review

    This place is a bit of a ghost town these days, but I haven’t seen any reviews on this particular set, so I thought I would write a quick one up.

    Brief history of my sets over the past 10 years:
    • Koho 590 (36+2)
    • Reebok P1 (35+2)
    • Vaughn V3 (35+2)
    • Vaughn V5 (35+2)
    • Reebok XLT (34+1.5)
    • Bauer NXG (35+2)
    Picked these up a local Source for Sports for a “price” that I couldn’t turn down. I wasn’t really in need of a new set, as I was currently in my 35+2 NXG’s and they were still working just fine.

    These come in a 34+1. My ATK is 17.5 and my knee falls dead center in the middle of the knee block. The thigh rise is a little shorter than what I have been used to, but once I hit the ice I found a great deal more mobility with the smaller rise.
    Due to them being built to Price’s spec, the knee cradle and leg channel have been completely gutted. Coupling that with the lack of the boot strap, I found them to be very floppy the first time I had taken them out. I ended up ditching the skate lace toe ties and have replaced them with a set of “CRS laces, which have helped keeping the pads square on my leg, especially when recovering from the butterfly. After some further adjustments with the strapping I have had no issues with these pads rotating inward, or sitting awkwardly on my leg.
    These things slide like an absolute dream. Not sure if it is the weave they are made out of, or if it is something else to do with the material, but I found myself over sliding and I had to adjust as to not overshoot and end up out of position.

    I demoed a pair of CCM Retro Flex pads about 2 years back and my biggest complaint with these was the weight, they felt like absolute tanks. This particular set of Eflex 3’s feel quite a bit lighter than the previous versions and lighter than my NXGs. The weight distribution makes these feel very well balanced on your leg.

    CCM 600 with a double T and game ready palm.
    I have never used a game ready glove before, and I was a little apprehensive jumping into this glove, as my NXG was a pro palm and I had never felt any stingers. The Price spec CCM has seen some boomer shots to the palm and I haven’t felt a thing. The skate lacing on the outside of the pocket is a nice touch and having the traditional lace in the center of the T did provide some visibility when covering/catching the puck.

    A blocker, is a blocker, is a blocker, except when its not.
    Just as with other Koho/Reebok/CCM blockers, this one feel sturdy and very well balanced. The palm is completely nash, which is a nice touch if you tape the handle of your stick like I do. Price has also added a quick release style buckle to more easily tighten the blocker on the wrist. There is no D30 foam on the index finger like with the stock pro set, but not to worry, there is plenty of finger protection and so far I have had no issues/worries.

    That is pretty much it. Hopefully this helps anyone out who is contemplating picking this set up! Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer as best I can.

    Also, pictures don't seem to be working. Not sure if its the sites format or not....
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    Nice write-up. They look sharp too.

    Jealous of your pad history over the past decade.


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      Ya, nice write-up and sweet looking set. I couldn't imagine playing without a boot-strap, but to each their own...


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        Originally posted by estogoalie View Post
        Ya, nice write-up and sweet looking set. I couldn't imagine playing without a boot-strap, but to each their own...
        I thought the same thing. I tried it once with toe ties and said no thanks, waaayyyyy to sloppy. I tried it again when I started using Pro Laces and its much better. There's no more need for the boot strap as the Pro Laces keep the pad snug to my skates. I love it this way now.