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Warrior R/GT pads, gloves, and C/A review

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    goaliefan I am not 100% sure on the longer knee blocks helping for that. While they might take up space right along the ice, the full size one can collide and stop your thighs from closing together and allow pucks off the ice to squeak by. When the new pad sizing rules came into effect I believe most companies made the knee blocks as big as possible, but they have been cutting them down since the initial designs or at the very least tapering off the edges that would interfere with each other the most.


    • tony20
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      How thin are your pants+knee protectors+thighs that you can bring them close enough that the knee landing gear gets in the way but there is still a few inches between your pant legs to let the puck pass through? Even if I did an extreme Giguerre style blfy, I don't think I could get my landing gear to touch and there's no way that anything is getting between the pant legs. Even just standing around there's no room for a puck between my pant legs.

    • Hills
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      It's not a total wall so things can still slip through.

    • goaliefan
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      that was when i was playing with reactor 6 pants with the telescopic knee for knee protection, not very good protection and not filling the the 5 hole too good either.
      i got mckenney pant with warrior x pro knee pads for a while now, that explains why many pucks gets trapped between knee blocks and thighrise when i don't butterfly fast enough, the knee pads are pretty well flush with the pant leaving no gaps