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Warrior Ritual G3 Pro Custom Review

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  • Warrior Ritual G3 Pro Custom Review

    Hereís a very early review, but I will constantly add to it as the time goes by. Havenít hit the ice yet so for now, just a ďout of the boxĒ review.

    First, my last set was a Ritual G2 33+2.5. All stock except colours. I went with the same colours but layer out differently. More white, less red. I also decided to try skate lace in the pocket.

    G2 were double break but that option isnít available on the G3. I donít think it will affect me since I was able to get the same bent to the thigh after a day of having the pads upside-down and locking it with the S-curve tab.

    First thing I noticed on the pads, SUPER but I mean SUPER light! Lighter than the G2. I will not add a toe lace like I did on my G2 and will give the Warrior toe strap a second chance. Not that I didnít liked it on the G2, but I was a bit conservative and didnít really tried it.

    The new back of the pad seems solid and it will be even easier to strap on my leg.

    Then, the catcher, lightest glove on the market, I would say probably lighter than a baseball mit. The whole glove was redesigned, the back hand is simpler, less velcro tab and can be opened faster. The back of the wrist is shorter and allow even more wrist movement than the G2, which was already the most mobile catcher Iíve tired. Right out of the box, it closes like an old beat up catcher. No break in needed.

    The whole catcher was redesigned, even the thumbís angle was changed. The thumb now bent more inward toward the picket instead of facing the shooter. Letís say it is now a bit more CCMesque than before. I would say the G2 was closer to the Vaughn Velocity catchers that European goalies in the NHL seem to like.

    The back of the catcher is really well padded, like the G2. So the occasional slash while freezing the puck may not hurt like it used to in the good old days.

    The blocker feels a lot like the G2, but now, you can move up or down the hand position. I will start to use it with the stock positioning, in the middle. Feels really comfortable.

    Thatís for now. More updates after hitting the ice tonight.

    Pictures below.

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          Great gear made even greater. Time for me to upgrade my Smith 6000's, even though they're still going strong. Thanx for the review, Chakal.


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            Great looking set. I know this is about the G3s, but those G2s look like they are in awesome condition still! Interested to hear your feedback on the new toe ties vs laces once you try them out.


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              chakal commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm addressing that in my reply below. It's surely a keeper for me. Way more easy and faster to tie on and I haven't felt any difference. I used to let a huge slack to the toe lace and the elastic toe strap did the same job.

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            Update after one use:

            First, I was pleased to find out that with the new knee strap, you can better customize the tension to it. I decided to wear the nylon strap loose, but just enough so when I over extend my leg to a certain point, it blocks. So impossible to fall off the knee block that way. I strap the knee strap to the upper calf wrap, in an angle.

            Also, don't know why I didn't gave it a try on the G2, but the stock toe strap is a keeper. I felt blocky at first during the warm up and also a bit during the game. But also, with the excitement of the new gear, I forgot to sharpen my skates. The tip of the right skate was almost completely dull. Anyway, it wasn't that much of a factor. Even with only a single break, I was able to close the 5 hole just as good as I was doing with my G2 with a double break. Probably due to the pre-curved break below the knee.

            I'll be short for the blocker: It's good. Hahaha. Seriously a blocker is a blocker and if it matches the rest of the gear, it's good. But I must say, with the cushioning on the back of the hand, it is probably the most comfortable I had so far.

            I have to admit that I had to adjust to the extreme light weight of the catcher. It took 2 or 3 minutes during the warm-up. The catcher is so light that it feels like have to play with your bare hand. I missed the first shot but it became natural after a couple of catches. An other interesting thing is the skate lace pocket. When I spoke with Pete Smith about it, he told me that he hates it. He didn't liked the smooth (or too smooth for him) catching sensation. When the pucks enter the pocket, it feels really soft, the skate lace really absorbs the velocity. I really liked that. It's just had to get it out of there though, like catching the puck and drop it down to pass it, but maybe I'm just not used to it for now. It is the very first time I used that kind of setup.

            Catching was better for me with the new thumb angle. Since my Junior years are over and that we have no more practices, it's like if my hand became lazy. I always had a decent glove hand, I still do, but my hand just won't close like it used to. Some times I end up just blocking the puck if it hits the palm area. That's why I prefer catchers with a thumb bending toward the pocket as much as possible. The new G3 is just like that. Like I said yesterday, it is closer to what Lefevre always did than what Vaughn traditionally do with a thumb more open facing the shooter.

            I had to opportunity to play the puck a couple of times behind my net. I'm not that good at playing the puck, when I play forward I shoot right but in nets, I have to shoot left. That's why I emphasis that much on wrist mobility on my gloves. I already feel handcuffed when I play the puck so I don't want to even feel my gloves when I do. So, I got one play that I do well though and it's always what I do: Get the puck fast, look up to the forechecker, pump fake on the short side and as soon as he bites, rim the puck all the way on the board to the other side. So after the pump fake, I have to turn around fast to rim the puck and that's when I don't want to feel restriction on my gloves, I want them to feel just like forward gloves. Usually, with other brands, I was adding length to the back of wrist of both gloves, I always found a way to get the feeling I wanted. I didn't had to do anything on the catcher, it is already perfect, the G2 was too. I've just added 1" to the blocker's wrist by adding a lace (pictures to come soon) but I'm not sure it's needed. But I did it just to have a clear mind and not think about it.

            I just saw that I forgot to take comparison pictures with the G2 and G3 blockers, will do that when I get some time. Also, I chose the 60 degree liner for the catcher if someone is curious about it.
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              I hate all of you for making me want new gear so much...

              Good looking set Chakal. These pads are very intriguing, I owned a Smith set a few years ago but they were a bit too tall and I couldn't get the strapping right. Tried a set of Passau's someone was kind enough to lend me a the Toronto BB clinic, with velcro strapping and it felt great. Putting the two together might be my dream pad. Too bad I have a mortgage and a fiscally responsible partner watching over me...


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                Very nice looking set of pads.
                I see they changed the dome on the catcher to a more armadillo/accordion style.

                What's next for Warrior to change on their pads?
                The cord on the face looks like something they would change up.


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                  although I don't own them (yet), I can definitely second Chakal's early review. I have a narrow fly as well and the new pads curve and close the 5 hole very well out of the box. I noticed the thighrise doesn't twist anymore when trying to curve them in.

                  The glove took me a bit to get used to (I'm a Vaughn catch angle kinda guy. Always sucked with a RBK catcher). But once I did, I did really well with it. It's a bit of a happy medium between the very thumbs up position of a RBK and the catcher mitt feel of a Vaughn. Given the better wrist mobility and new thumb angle, playing the puck has actually become much easier (I shoot right, so I use a Turco grip to play the puck).

                  The blocker, is my favorite change. I've always preferred a lower mounted hand (Like a Reactor or Vaughn blocker), and with this blocker you can truly achieve that feeling. The attachments work well, and even the thumb pad can be moved, unlike the old one where you move it too far down and the tip of your thumb may not be protected.

                  Pads wise, was not my favorite due to the lower calf wrap's lack of stretch. My shins and ankles were always sore after use because my legs would fight the pad so much. When I get mine, I'm pulling them off and adding Brian's smart straps on there. Other than that though, the pad's made MUCH better than the G2's.

                  THere's even a small bump on the edge of the landing gear to keep your knee stationary when going down. The bottom piece of said landing gear no longer has stitching on it so it won't rip off.


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                    Originally posted by chakal View Post
                    The boot on the G3 looks much longer. Is that the case or is it just the angle of the pic?

                    Originally posted by chakal View Post
                    I chose to remove the shin pillow in my G2s because the shin felt too snug with it in. I understand that the shin pillow in the G3 is not removable but it looks much thinner. Does the thinner shin pillow in combination with the revised strapping and wider calf wrap make the G3 feel looser?


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                      Originally posted by c0nquistad0rian View Post

                      The boot on the G3 looks much longer. Is that the case or is it just the angle of the pic?

                      I chose to remove the shin pillow in my G2s because the shin felt too snug with it in. I understand that the shin pillow in the G3 is not removable but it looks much thinner. Does the thinner shin pillow in combination with the revised strapping and wider calf wrap make the G3 feel looser?
                      For the boot is just the angle of the picture. I can measure, but on the ice, the length of the pads felt identical. 5 hole was shut the same way except that the G3 bends more under the knee while my G2 gets it's bent from the thigh break.

                      Hard to say though for the looser feel or not. I was using brand new pants too for that game. And I was using a new way to tie my knee pads to the new pants. So I was more concern by that. But I don't think that I felt restricted in my pads and I usually like them loose. Will try to think to take a picture with my cell phone next time with my pads on.


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                        I have to say I hate the graphic for the G3. Nothing flows and I don't like how you don't have the option to line everything up.

                        I also feel that these pads are basically G2.5. I know you can't always do huge changes but these seem like ideas that were there just to make it equal to what other brands usually come out with. What I mean is the calf wrap is really nice, and the G2 elastic strapping was basically a "Oh crap everyone is doing velcro we have to as well."

                        I am also sad to see that last gen they offered a "Pro Pad" made in China for $999... now that same level of pad is $1699 and they took away custom options.

                        Also sad to see the lack of "By Pete Smith" on these...

                        With all those negatives aside i am sure they are amazing pads and this just makes want to see what can possible happen with the G4.


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                          Vaughn does the same pad since the Velocity 1. CCM does the same pad since the Reebok Premier. Just saying and they're still great pads.

                          There's a "By Pete Smith" logo on every piece of my gear. Just not shown on the picture.


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                            I am playing with the G3 customizer. What custom options were taken away?