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Got my itech 9000 mask

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  • Got my itech 9000 mask

    I got it really cheap (175) becuase it's a 1998 or 99 not sure it says it was made in january 1998 model but some how had one new one left I got it in the mail while I putting all my gear in the truck I was wow what great timing anyways I got it out of the box and was dissapointed becuase the cage was black not white (I hate black cages they make the puck stand out less) but a little bit of paint and it should be fine. My favorite thing about this mask has to be the comfort it's much lighter then the tps mask and their are little holes all over for ventilation also they put a little pillow where your forehead touches the mask it is really nice and much better then the foamy material on most masks. The mask is carbon fiber and I think it will hold up against the 5 A high school players. Once I get hit in the head with a puck I'll teel ya what it's like I'll expand this review and try to put in some photos.

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    Congrats on your find. I loved mine and was a fool to get rid of it. They looked just like the 960/961 and they were one third the price. There were not many good readily available masks in the 300-400 US price range at the time. I never understood why ITECH stopped making them.

    Got rid of mine when the "expert" in our local hockey store told me ITECH stopped making them because they had so many break. Well I sold it to a local high school goalie (for $75.00) who used it for three years. Still didn't break.

    Then I found out the starter for the local D-III college team used a 9000 for three years of college hockey. It was beat to hell, but still in one piece.


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      Itech stopped making them because of quality issues. Many of the masks, including the one I owned, cracked a bit too easily. Apparently the resins that they were using were not compatible with the type of carbon fibre they were using. My mask cracked after a glancing blow to the top of it. Itech took it off of the market, after less than a year I think, because they weren't willing to make changes to the construction due to price concerns. Of course not all the 9000 masks were bad, just enough of them to warrant taking them off the market.

      Either way, not a bad pick up for under $200.


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        I had a 9000 at one time and liked it except the chin area isn't very durable. A hard shot to the chin area will likely crack it and its hard to repair. Thats why I got rid of mine, it wasn't really durable enough for pro hockey, so I switched to a 961.