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G2 C/A extra parts bag

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  • G2 C/A extra parts bag

    I've had the G2 C/A for a while now and just found the extra parts bag (had misplaced it) and was curious what all the extras are for? I know some are the little washers and strings from the arm mechanism etc... but it looks like clips to maybe convert the C/A from a Velcro to a clip attachment perhaps?

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    Could you attach a picture of this extra parts bag? I do not recall seeing one of them in my delivery but maybe it was deep inside the bag. I'll have to check on this.


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      I had to buy my spare parts for my G1 and it costs $9.99 when I bought mine. The clasps can break. I keep it in my shaving bag.


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        As mentioned, spare clips, spare parts for arms, and the last ones are for attaching to pants; if you're into that sort of thing.


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          The clips attach to the front loops on the pants and the loops on the underside of the belly of the chest protector for a suspenders alternative. Best feature but Warrior doesn't advertise it for some reason. I learned it from a warrior rep.


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            How do the clips attach to the pants?