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Vaughn vs Brians Sizing

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  • Vaughn vs Brians Sizing

    My son plays Bantam hockey he is 5'4" and is playing in Velocity V6 which are about 1 to 2 inches to short. I was think of the Brians Sub Zero 6.0 in a 33 +1 does that sound about right?

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    Need to know his ankle to knee measurement really.

    As im 5'10 and use a brians 33+1, id say they run 2" bigger in the thigh rise for sure


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      Or at least tell us the size of the Vaughns.....da heck, man!

      "I'm putting tires on my car but they're a little small....should I get Monster Mudders instead?" :-D


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        Sorry guys I had a hard time posting so I must of not added that the second time I tried to post. Anyways he is in 30+2 and If I measure from his ankle bone to the middle of his knee he is 17 to 17.25. I added a photo not too sure if that helps. I am doing this from my IPad so not to sure if the photo will come out right


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          Ok, based on the ATK you gave, 33's in Brian's should work. I was wearing 33" Subzero's with a 17.5" ATK and was hitting just a tick high in the stack, but not so much to worry about.


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            Awesome thanks