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    Can one of the GM reps find out if any of the stores plan on ordering and stocking any of the World Cup patterned sticks? I'd love to get a Quick RWB Swagger. I realize the website does have a Quick in Red/White/Navy but his WC sticks look to have more of a royal blue and Warrior is outlined in red on the front as opposed to just plain navy on the website.

    Thanks in advance.

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    He's not going to need those sticks much longer so lets go GM!! haha


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      Hey man! Generally we don't have a set list of what we get for sticks, it's just whatever the companies are looking to sell! But, the Swagger pro's we have are in the EXACT colorway Quick, has, despite the image we have on the product page. I will be editing that in the next week, but if you want to order some sticks now just shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can get it sorted out!



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        So it is royal blue not navy blue? Is there anyway you can post a picture of what you actually have in stock?

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          Speaking of sticks, any feedback on those new carbon wrapped/laminated blades? Do they last longer?