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"Official" Gear 'Sitings' 2011-2012

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  • "Official" Gear 'Sitings' 2011-2012

    It's the "Official" Gear 'Sitings' 2011-2012 and YES its back!!

    The Heritage continues,.Development camps are already underway,...

    We are due to get tons of pictures..

    Hope we get a sneak peek of the Rbk P4's ASAP!

    Here are a couple of pics/video link from the Ottawa development camp:

    This video also has sightings:
    2011 Development Camp: Nikita Filatov Video - NHL VideoCenter - Ottawa Senators

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    21 free agent NHL goalies have signed so far. A lot of new setups soon.


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      Isn't there a better thread to drool over pads that aren't even out yet?? One photo and a bunch of wishful thinking....

      Someone PM me when there are some new real gear sitings, and we'll re-open this with pics.
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        Sabres Prospect Camp

        Nick Eno

        Michael Houser

        Here are a bunch more photos from Rink 1 at Sabres Prospects Camp today:

        Flickr: Beechsack's Photostream


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          Windsor's John Cullen is a camp invitee.

          You should see his porn stache & mullet....


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            Nice pics, Cullen's gear is fresh.
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              Is that a new stick from warrior? The writing looks bigger!


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                Is anyone ever gonna learn to spell SIGHTINGS correctly?


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                  So when I was at the goalie demo day in Illinois, the Brian's pro rep showed me a picture on his cell of what next year's pad should look like. My pad is modeled after it. It has the triangular vertical rolls, like mine, and a totally flat front. The pads had the stitch graphic on them. He didn't have a picture of the back side, but apparently my custom pad is extremely close to how next year's Zero G is going to be. I have no idea of what the graphic is, but in terms of functionality, it's supposed to be close.


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                    Here's some pictures from Wings rookie camp of Thomas Mccollum. I only had my phone with me so the quality isn't that great, but he has on some nice new Brian Thief's or Thieve's...?
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                      Originally posted by Fenrir View Post
                      Is anyone ever gonna learn to spell SIGHTINGS correctly?
                      DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner!!

                      Someone always has to be the first to ask this're it this year.

                      It's the way it has always been spelled here. It's tradition. Deal with it!!


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                        heres another picture.
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                          Helping Mikey out....also posted in the Brian's thread. Focus w/ custom graphic.

                          Mikey, do you know who the goalie in the Vaughns was?


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                            Stars Developement camp

                            No clue who this guy is but moved 20 times better than both Cambell and Berskorowany




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                              Originally posted by spartan6910 View Post

                              Mikey, do you know who the goalie in the Vaughns was?
                              Thanks. His name is Tyson Teichmann. He played for the Belleville Bulls of the OHL. Do you know if they have two teams made up of rookies?