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Louisville TPS Domink Hasek Info

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  • Louisville TPS Domink Hasek Info

    The title says it all. Is this gear okay to use on ice in recreational play? Suggestions for other gear inj that price range that might be better?


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    Originally posted by peder5 View Post
    The title says it all. Is this gear okay to use on ice in recreational play? Suggestions for other gear inj that price range that might be better?

    Yes, you could use this equipment. Hasek did, right?

    Better @ what, and what price range? For Bfly? How many times a week?

    And how much would you like to spend? Or how much are these pads going for? Full set of equipment, just pads? You have questions, but they only lead to more questions...... More info would help.


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      Sorry. This is only my second time starting a thread. The equipment is a Blocker, a glove, leg pads and a c a.

      For everything the price is 100 $. I would be using it around 2 times a week. I platy a hybrid style with some b fly. My price range is around 400 for everything not counting helmet.


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        DUde, you can ABSOLUTELY USE THOSE. That is a good deal. Are they still in good shape?

        But I don't know. A Hyrbrid style? I don't know if that would work. Hasek was so orthodox and controlled, and was never sprawling all over the place like he had a slinky for a spine. Ha ha. No just kidding. Hasek may be one of the best definitions of a hybrid style goalie. He will just use any method to stop the puck. These pads should work out well for you. And that is a great deal. Make sure the C/A & Glove (Catch, not blocker) are in good shape. Those are areas that you don't want to feel a puck. Also, make sure you get yourself a fine mask. No going cheap on that. And skates. Comfort & fit is key.

        Those pads will be fine. Make sure the league you play in has no legal size limits. Because those pads will fail a new size limit inspection. But most rec. leagues or beer leagues don't care. They were top of the line pads when they were released. Hell, for a long time, I was still playing in Heaton Helite 5's, which are older then the TPS Ice Caps. And I still use a Bauer 6000 c/a. That came out in like what, 2000?

        Any more questions, feel free to ask anytime.


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          They made a glorified street hockey cheap-o line with Hasek's name on it at one point, I would avoid those. Closest thing I could find online was the youth version on Perani's website:
          Louisville LGH Hasek Signature Leg Pads- Youth

          If it has the same graphic it is probably equally bad.

          If you have a limited budget you would be way better off buying used gear off eBay or the GSBB classifieds.


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            Lets clear it up then. Peder, are you talking about buying these........

            OR THESE.....

            The ones at the top are the Hasek ice hockey line. If you are talking about purchasing a set of these, then you will be fine. If you are talking about the ones on the bottom like Sean said, then yes, I agree. Buy something else. But the ones on the top, if they are in good shape, it is a steal for $100. Pads boths gloves & a C/A. Top=BUY. Bottom=Dont BUY.


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              Yeah, I'm pretty sure the pads are the bad version.
              Here's a picture for final conformation.
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                That's obviously street hockey gear, and not pro return gear.

                Still for 100$ wouldnt be bad for street if its in good condition.

                Wouldnt ever use it on ice though


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                  Okay. Now that I know that those pads can't be used for ice hockey I have to start looking for something else. Does anyone have a recomondation for a beginer set?


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                    I have a set of custom made Louisville TPS pads for sale in the classifieds. I happen to have a soft spot in my heart for goalies who are just beginning. In fact if you are interested I'll throw in a pair of CCM goalie skates for free. I think they are a 7.5 or an 8. I'm not sure as they have been in my moms house for years. They are in great shape though. These pads have almost no wear and will keep you protected quite well. They are custom made pro pads that were stitched in Canada.

                    I couldn't afford to play goal when I was real young until someone gave me an amazing deal on used stuff. Since then I try to do the same to other goalies.

                    I just sold my old pants, mask, gloves etc for $100 to help someone out. Too bad, I would have given u everything for $300.